Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Futurist Party Aims for What Marx Deferred to Distant Future, Second Edition
Sam Ghandchi
حزب آینده نگر در پی هدفی که مارکس به آینده
دور موکول می کرد، ویرایش دوم

P.S. Sept 23, 2019: In this second edition only a few words to the text and a couple of footnotes have been added from articles that have been written by this author in the last two years. SG

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Daniel Bell in a letter to me on Sept 5, 1989 about "Theory of Uniqueness Value" (1), noted the dilemma of Marx's Labor Theory of Value and wrote "Marx was quite aware of the problem and in the Grundrisse, he assumed it would disappear because scarcity would disappear and the question of valuing labor would disappear" (2). Daniel Bell was absolutely right and discussion of abundance was basically omitted from Marx's published works because he viewed it as something in a very distant future.  But contrary to Marx's perception, even 150 years ago during his lifetime, one could have focused on achieving abundance.

In fact, requiring a stage of socialist transition period before being able to achieve the state of abundance, was Marx's grave error and it was the reason for him proposing dictatorship of the proletariat to ensure irreversibility during the ard
uous transition period he assumed (3). Actually abundance does not really need a pre-requisite of a so-called socialist state defined by the motto of "to each according to its work," and as Ray Kurzweil has shown, can be achieved through entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. Futurists such as Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis have focused on abundance as a solution for social justice in the recent years (4).


Futurist Party platform (5) proposed by this author in 2001, was based on seeing social justice from a new angle as explained in "Social Justice and the Computer Revolution" (6). This way, abundance is an immediate goal and making a political Futurist Party is the way to drive the goal of abundance, which has been the focus of this author after seeing the disaster of Iran's 1979 Revolution. World Future Society reviewed "Futurist Iran" book (7), in 2003, where the suggested Party platform was discussed and WFS added a subtitle of "Futurism versus Terrorism" (8), because Islamist terrorism is basically attacking the Western civilization for its failure to deliver on the promise of being a just society, and thus futurism addressing social justice is a fundamental answer to Islamist terrorism.

Last year, Iranian Secular Democratic Party was formed abroad which defines itself by a Futurist Platform (9). In a way, it is a higher stage of secular democracy we had seen at the time of American Revolution in 1775, which offered a futurist constitution for the new country
-- United States of America. This is the first attempt by Futurists to form a political party to strive for modern futurist ideals that have been discussed in the last 50 years. In the real world, achieving abundance for basic needs of food and clothes has proven to be easier than housing. Recently prominent thinkers of our time are endorsing plans such as UBI (10). A long term view is discussed in a book entitled "New Variant to Meet Human Needs" (11).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
November 1, 2017


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Ray Kurzweil keynote presentation at Council on Foreign Relations meeting

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