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Sam Ghandchi

چگونه به تروريسم اسلامگرا پايان دهيم

P.S. 1/16/20: This article was the introduction to the Futurist Iran book which was published 16 years ago. SG



Almost anybody following the situation in Iran of the last three decades, acknowledges the rise of Islamism in Iran of 1979, and the subsequent rise of Islamism in the Middle East and elsewhere, and finally the global spread of Islamist terrorism.  The ending of Taliban's rule in Afghanistan did not end Islamist terrorism.  This type of terrorism is associated with the ideal of these terrorists, which is a state like Taliban or IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), the same way the leftist terrorists half a century before them, saw the Soviet Union and other communist states, as their paradise, and desired to arrive at it by the quick shortcut of terrorism, in their own respected countries.


For decades, suppressing any communist state by the Western democracies, basically strengthened the legitimacy of the terrorists.  Only when the Soviet Empire collapsed, not by any military intervention of the Western democracies, but by the revolt of people of Soviet Union and European Eastern Block themselves, the cause of the terrorists died with it.  When the people of the countries ruled by the communists, came out and uttered that the communist paradise was no paradise, and that the make-belief paradise was in fact a living hell, where the human body and soul were in chains, it was only then that the leftist terrorists lost the reason for their actions.  This is how finally the dream which had kept the leftist terrorism alive, died when the Soviet Empire fell apart.


The same process is happening in the cradle of Islamist Revolution, namely Iran.  The fall of the Iranian Islamist state, not in the style of the fall of Taliban by an outside intervention, but by the Iranian people themselves, is the way to put an end to Islamism and its related Islamist terrorism.  This is how the allure of paradise, will be replaced in the mind of people, with the harsh reality of the hell it has been,  narrated by those who had lived in the Islamist paradise of Iran for three decades.


For years, I have been arguing for a futurist program for Iran, when viewing Iran's issues of development into the 21st Century.  I have noted that the old ways of right and the left, will neither work for the freedom of Iran, nor can they be used to build a new Iran, even if the opposition succeeds to take the state power.  I have shown why a futurist approach and a futurist party is needed, to form an open society in Iran.  My book entitled "Futurist Iran:  Futurism vs Terrorism" is an attempt in this direction, encompassing the various aspects of the futurist Iran.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
July 30, 2003


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This article is the introduction to the Futurist Iran book
















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