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Why Secularism Failed in Half of the World














*Book on Pluralism

Not compiled in a book format yet

Why Pluralism?

Futurism and Aristotle's Pluralism

Descartes and Laity

Spinoza's Refutation of Teleology

Leibniz's Monads and Javadi's CPH

Pluralism and Russell's Logical Atomism

Pluralism in the Western Thought

Marxist Thought & Monism

*Appendix on secularism

What is Secularism?





* Books & Various Articles


Book-Futurist Iran

About Iranscope Futurist Think Tank

Kurzweil, Harry Potter & Futurist Party

Futurism on the other Side of Chasm

Singularity and Us

Modern Futurism

A Futurist Vision

Futurism, Sandbox, and Political Potency

Futurist Party Platform

Transhumanism and a Tribute to Fereidoun Esfandiary

Impact of Intelligent Tools on Human Life and the World

Futurism and Road of Change in Iran

*Science & Technology

Philosophy of Science in 20th Century

Intelligent Tools

Turing and AI

Is Nanotechnology Real?

Post-Anthropocentric Production

Space and New Thinking


Call for Uncesnsorable Internet

Bypassing IRI National Internet Wall

Stopping High-Speed Internet Aims At Private Capital

How to Neutralize IRI Filtering-Part 2


Forgotten Forest

Wakefulness and Enlightenment

The God and Us

Modernism and Meaning of Life

Conference of the Birds

Metaphysics & Religion


Sufism and Fatalism- A Brief Note


Is Socialism More just?

Marxist Thought & Monism

False Hope in the Left

End Does Not Justify the Means


Postmodernism Shaping Islamism

*Economic Theory & Justice

Unemployment Cannot be Resolved by the Proposed Solution

Islamism Wants to Lead Redivision of the World

Alternative Income-Social Justice in Post-Industrial Society

Wealth and Justice in Future Iran

Knowledge Economy & Social Justice

A Theory of Uniqueness Value


What is New Age Music?


Women, Men, Commitment, Love and Future-Second Edition


Futurism and Iran's Youth Movement


Dancing in the Air

Democracy is Not People's Rule, it is People's Judgment

Iran & Law: Virtue or Rights

Galbraith and Democracy in Iran


Beyond War

Why I Oppose any Invasion of Iran


Mashrootiat a Wrong Model for Future

*1979 Revolution

Progressiveness in the Present Epoch

1357 Interview

Futurism and Iran's 1979 Revolution

* Monarchy

Third Open Letter to Mr. Reza Pahlavi

Monarchy Means Discrimination Based on Ancestry

A Short Note about Dr. Sanjabi & Iranian Liberals


Islamism Wants to Lead Redivision of the World

Message on Occasion of Dreadful Ramadan

Islam and Globalization

Why Islamism Kills?

Khamenei and Salman Rushdie

*Islamic Reformists

Reactionary Reformism

Power, Religion, and IRI Reformists

Islamic Democracy is *not* Pluralism

*Islamic Republic

IRI: White Revolution or End?

Mahdaviat-IRIís Hope or Despair

Beginning of the End of IRI


Turkey Showed 28-Mordad is not the Problem

Tudehii Thinking, the Barrier of  Iranian Opposition

Referendum Society

New Constitution-Referendum of Progress and Petrifaction

United Front for a Secular Regime in Iran

Iran-Futurist Republic

*Civil Disobedience

De-Islamization is Civil Disobedience


Book-Kurds in Iran

Ethnic Partitioning of Iraq is not Federalism

Kurdistan, Federalism and Iranian National Sentiments

Azerbaijan Events and Structure of Power in Iran


Danger of IRI-Israel War and What Iranian Opposition Needs to Do


IRAQ-End Theocracy before it is Too Late



What Can US and EU do for Iran

IRI Lobby

Clinton-Obama and Iran


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