Sam GhandchiWhy I Oppose any Invasion of Iran

Sam Ghandchi


Over two years ago, I wrote the following article and discussed my views when there was a danger of a possible U.S. attack on Iran at that time:


I also have discussed the issue of attack against Iran in many articles in the past and said that I even oppose an invasion with benevolent intentions, such as what some people resemble to Kourosh's attack of Babylonia-- which was to free the Jews. 


In other words, if any democracy like the U.S. even thinks it is taking the role of Cyrus the Great to free Iranian people from the chains, I still oppose such an attack.  Why? 


Well I have explained my detailed reasons in many articles including the following one that I wrote in 2004:


But if I want to describe my position in a very short sentence, I need to first point out that any attack on Iran at best will make Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) to get defeated and ended.  At worst, the attack on Iran may cause some support for IRI among the Iranian people, which I doubt, as I have explained thoroughly in 2003 when I condemned IRI provocations of war at the time:


And even recently in January 2007 when I wrote about the danger of IRI-Israel war, I discussed what the Iranian opposition needs to do to prevent such a possibility which is being provoked by Ahmadinejad:


And at the same time I made some suggestions in 2006 as to what US and EU could do if they want to help Iran and Iranians at this juncture of the most important struggle of Iranian people to go beyond the IRI:


Then why do I say that as far as attacking Iran, regardless of the outcome, I am against any invasion of Iran? 


My reason is that even if IRI goes away by an invasion of Iran, one way or the other, the impact of such an event on the psychology of our people, not just for this generation of Iranians, but for generations after us, will be worse than all the past invasions, because our people will again think that the so-called "they" brought this regime and "they" took it out, and our  self-confidence will be lost again after all these years of sacrifices and working hard ourselves to end this Islamist regime.


The fact is that no matter how hard IRI tries to divert Iranian people by provoking a war, our people are on their way to go beyond IRI.  This is the message of Iranian zanAn, moalemAn,  sherkate vAhed, dAneshjoyAn, ..and all other interest groups and individuals who have been struggling against this Medieval regime for over 28 years.  Our people want to be part of a world beyond war and not to be party to any new war in the world:


Yes, the only ones who will end the Islamic Republic of Iran will be us the Iranians and we do not need any war on Iran, even a benevolent one to achieve our goal.


Hoping for a Federal, Democratic, and Secular Futurist Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
May 24, 2007


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