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The following is my note in response to a selection of Dr. Kazemzadeh's upcoming book posted on Jebhe Melli Discussion Forum. Dr. Kazemzadeh's new book is entitled Bush Doctrine and Iran and it is going to be published soon.  I think it is important to see what is happening with the current threats of US invasion of Iran. Some monarchists like Chalabi, especially after the farAkhAn, have been giving the impression to the U.S. hawks, that they have the backing of Iranians for U.S. invasion of Iran.  For the discussion thread, please see the following URL:



Dear Friend Dr. Masoud Kazemzadeh


Thank you for your contributions in the international press. I hope more people can see that monarchists who are trying to create the image that they have a following in Iran are only trying to get the bucks from the foreign governments and are trying to get them into a quagmire in Iran by invading Iran where both Iranian and American people will suffer and only the monarchists will pocket the money. Read in this article about how the monarchists are getting all these so-called assistance for Iranian movement which is none other than monarchists pocketing money on behalf of Iranian people whereas the real independent political forces of Iran have never had any help from any international source, and the Iranian people have only had suffering rather than help, whether when we have needed refugee status when escaping from Islamic Republic of Iran or when we have needed financial help for Iranian opposition, from UN or others, and still there is no automatic refugee status for Iranians, whereas the Afghans had it the next day after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan which continued till the end of Taliban.


Look at this article from a major international press source:


BTW this whole article is also funny. They should come to this board and see how the monarchists try to use the ghetto four-letter words to scare the Iranian intellectuals from saying that we do *not* want the return of Iranian monarchy. If monarchists had any real following and popular base, they would not try to fool some Iranian opposition individuals and groups to use them as launch-pads to get back to power, and also beside the carrot for those naive opposition figures, they try to use the stick of Savak-style threats on other Iranian intellectuals, even here in our own forums, to shut us up. We do not even go to monarchist forums which are plenty and well financed. They come here to abuse us.


Those foreign entities who are making deals with the monarchists and think invading Iran with the monarchists' backing will mean the good will from Iranian people are only going to buy hatred for their respective states just as it happened in Iraq's invasion of Iran and they should come to this board and see how the monarchists come to this board and by using four-letter words and threats try to stop Iranian intellectuals from saying our thoughts even when we are posting in a board which clearly is not a monarchist board. Yes, these monarchists, if they had any base among the Iranian people, they would focus on their own forums which are plenty and well financed rather than coming to this board to abuse the Iranian republicans. As I noted, we are not the ones going to their forums disrupting them. We have always said monarchists who have not been part of Shah's crimes against the Iranian people, have every right to promote their monarchy and their other activities here in the U.S. or in tomorrow's free Iran, but we do not want to be in any united organization with them. Isn't this our right? Does this give them the right to come to our forum and constantly post abuse here. Have we *ever* gone to their forums to post, let alone to post abuse on those forums?


At some junctures of Iranian movement, for a moment, we may have united *action* even with the most weird groups or forces but that does not mean creating united organization with such forces.


The foreign forces who are making deals with the monarchists can read here that we are opposed to any U.S. invasion of Iran and we have repeated it since 28-mordad coup of 1953 and we have no interest in any deals that monarchists are making with foreign states. The Iranian monarchists are not speaking for the Iranian people. Iranian people long time ago gave their words about the Iranian monarchy and if Reza Pahlavi cared for Iran and Iranians, he would have abdicated that ferocious throne a long time ago:


Best Regards,

- Sam




Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


January 19, 2005



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