Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Trump is Right about Free Speech
Sam Ghandchi
در مورد آزادی بیان حق با ترامپ است

The views of President Donald Trump have been discussed a lot (1). Although I am not a member of any political party, but voted for Bernie Sanders in the Primary (2) and voted for Hilary Clinton in the US Presidential Election (3). Moreover, in my view, Iranian opposition figures such as Dr. Esmail Nooriala (4), whom I highly respect, had a point to vote for Donald Trump (5), because they wanted to express their dismay with Obama Administration's appeasement of Islamic Republic of Iran (6). During Obama era, I supported Iran Deal, and still do, nonetheless, rejected appeasement of Islamic Republic of Iran, and still do (7). I always rejected many of President Obama's Iran policies (8) including the firing of many serious critics of Islamic Republic of Iran from Voice of America (9) and selecting unqualified directors at VOA (10). Some Iranian leftists and national front members continue to make fun of Dr. Esmail Nooriala because of his decision to vote for Donald Trump, and I believe they better make fun of themselves because they are the ones who do not get the point that the issue with regards to Iran is more than just the Iran Deal to avoid an imminent war, and as was simply said to John Kerry long before Barack Obama, Islamic Republic of Iran must go (11).


Moreover, as far as President Obama's internal policies were concerned, his lack of support for free speech inside the United States was his major shortcoming. I voted for President Obama in both terms, because I found him supporting many plans especially with regards to healthcare and civil society, stateside, and peace, abroad, that I support, but I fully disagreed with Barack Obama about free speech. Mr. Obama's views in this regard, were very much similar to many European politicians, e.g. in Germany who think they have a right to curtail free speech to stop hate speech by those like the Nazis. I have always rejected that European viewpoint. I applaud President Donald Trump for upholding the American ideal of free speech. CNN is enjoying free speech today, when CNN is opposing President Trump, whereas CNN did not uphold free speech during the Obama Administration (12). The news outlets were basically silent during Obama years, not reporting most of the internal economic news or the world news (13).  


I condemn the killing of Heather Heyer by a criminal White Supremacist in Charlottesville last week, but I uphold the right of White Supremacists to express their views in peaceful ways, the same way that if the reverse had happened and a White Supremacist had been killed by the Left, I would still support the free speech of the Left. This is the difference of European democracy and American democracy and I side with the American democracy which gives priority to free speech and not to stopping hate speech. As I have written many times before, I also condemn the anti-Trump McCarthyism (14) that the Left has started in this county to fight President Donald Trump and I strongly believe this witch-hunting will set a precedence that will hurt the Left itself in the future.


I have a message for those Iranian leftists who say the views of Dr. Esmail Nooriala and PMOI are the same, because they both supported Donald Trump. Those leftists are wrong. PMOI is a shiite version of Daesh (15) and incidentally those Iranian Leftists themselves are supporters of PMOI because they share similar Communist ideology, and not Dr. Nooriala. But if those leftists like to make judgment about others by how people voted in the US election, then we can say Iranian leftists who supported Hilary Clinton are the same as Neocons who voted alike. This kind of cheap polemics and fallacious argument was not even worth the time to respond to, but I just responded to it, for the sake of record of the time wasted with shy communists (16).

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
August 18, 2017


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