Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيObama's Failure with Iranian People
Sam Ghandchi
قصور اوباما در ارتباط با مردم ایران

President Barack Obama failed in his relation with Iranian people from the time he sacrificed Iran's Green Movement in 2009 to gain points with Islamic Republic of Iran as it was best reflected in Mr. Obama's policies at the Voice of America (VOA). VOA could be an objective voice during Iran Deal if it followed its own VOA Charter, but it became a vehicle of biased reporting, supporting pro Islamic Reformist NIAC organization on one hand, and on the other hand supported the opposing MEK lobby and similar currents, to play diplomacy with the Islamic Republic of Iran rather than offering unbiased news of the whole story of Iran which includes millions of Iranian people who support none of these groups. Mr. Obama has always thought of democracy as being bipartisan rather than supporting objective reporting to reflect the pluralist nature of political and social reality.

I wrote about biased reporting by VOA many times during the Obama administration and showed how it was contrary to VOA Charter, but the issue was totally ignored by the White House, State Department and VOA upper management of Obama administration (1). Many Iranian activists moved to the United States since 2009 Green Movement in Iran and gained direct understanding of Mr. Obama's handling of Iranian people, in places like VOA, and they have become disillusioned with such policies. Last month's article by Kenneth Timmerman about VOA handling of Iran news best shows this unfortunate reality. Personally I am a critic of Neocons and not a supporter but I believe all shades of thought must be represented by unbiased reporting, and my observations of VOA also confirms the same biases Mr. Timmerman of Washington Times has noted in his detailed article entitled "The Persian News nightmare" (2).

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
January 8, 2017


1. Mr. Obama, Please Stop Political Discrimination at VOA 
آقای اوباما، لطفاً تبعیض سیاسی را در صدای آمریکا متوقف کنید

2. Kenneth R. Timmerman: The Persian News nightmare


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