Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيFortunately US Journalists are back doing real work
Sam Ghandchi
خوشبختانه ژورنالیستهای آمریکایی به کار واقعی خود برمی گردند

Two days ago I watched this week's 20/20 program of ABC news by Diane Sawyer entitled "My Reality: A Hidden America" (1). I was very impressed by this real work of journalism, its investigative reporting, uncensored presentation and telling the whole story. The work was in stark contrast to what most news outlets including CNN offered during the 8 years of Obama administration that can be summarized in one word "hunky-dory".

Real journalism cannot be achieved by choosing reporters who have no party affiliation which would mean either they are lying or do not understand politics and its impact on people's lives, but honest journalism means regardless of one's political stand, to follow a charter requiring the reporter to present the whole story and not to report only what the ones in power like to be reported.

A real news agency worthy of the name should present the whole story even if it is owned by the US government, otherwise it is better not to be called news service. I wrote about dishonest journalism many times during the days of Obama administration, with regards to Iran news, but unfortunately what I wrote was also true about other news stories during the Obama years (2).

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
January 16, 2017


1. ABC 20/20: 01/13/17: My Reality: A Hidden America

2. Doing Honest Journalism about Iran in Washington
کار صادقانه ژورنالیستی درباره ایران در واشنگتن


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