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Sam Ghandchi
استیو ردیش صدای آمریکا کیست

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Yesterday I mentioned the name of Steve Redisch in an article about the VOA court case of Setareh Derakhshesh (1). Some people contacted me and asked who Mr. Redisch is. Please find the link to
a VOA Press Release about him dated January 8, 2008 when he was hired during the Bush Administration, i.e. a year before Obama's inauguration (2). His LinkedIn is also listed below in the footnotes (3).

You may ask what qualifications Steve Redisch has to qualify him to run the VOA Persian Service. I have been wondering about the same question all these years too. So if you find the answer, please publish so that all will know. What I can say is that Steve Redisch is an expert in working with Washington Establishment in general and balancing
influence of different DC Iranian Lobby Groups, in VOA, in particular.

If President Donald Trump wants to see the work of Washington Establishment in action,
all he needs to do, would be to review the activities of Mr. Steve Redisch at VOA. I wrote about it, in May of 2015, during the Obama Administration, but they did not care (4).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
May 1
3, 2017


1. Isn't Derakhsheh vs VOA Contractors' Court Case Considered News
آیا پرونده دادگاه ستاره درخشش در برابر کارمندان قراردادی صدای آمریکا خبر نیست

2. Steve Redisch Joins VOA as Executive Editor

3. Steve Redisch's LinkedIn

4. Micropolitics of an Executive at VOA Persian
میکروپولیتیک مدیری ارشد در بخش فارسی صدای آمریکا

















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