Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيIsn't Derakhsheh vs VOA Contractors' Court Case Considered News
Sam Ghandchi
آیا پرونده دادگاه ستاره درخشش در برابر کارمندان قراردادی صدای آمریکا خبر نیست

I just accidentally saw a link on the Internet, related to a complaint filed by a number of VOA former contractors, against Ms. Setareh Derakhshesh, the director of VOA Persian Service, in a Washington, DC court (1).

I have written before about "Why Setareh Derakhshesh was a bad Choice for a VOA Director" (2). I do not know any of the contractors who have filed this court case, but I was treated the same way by VOA management in Christmas of 2012, and you can read the details about VOA management and the suffering of me and my family in the
third link of the footnotes (3).

All VOA Persian Service major decisions during the 8 years of Obama Administration were made by a gentleman by the name of Steve Redisch who was hired during the Bush Administration, and came from CNN, and although his title says something else, he has been the one actually running the VOA Persian Service all this time. Setareh Derakhesh could not have done anything without being directly approved or ordered by Mr. Steve Redisch.

I would like to ask the readers to take a look at this VOA court case in the footnote and judge for yourself if this is news or not, and why VOA, a news organization which claims to give all the news to its audience, does not even say a word about this case on the website and TV of VOA Persian Service. Isn't this
news story related to Iranians, and VOA being based in Washington, DC itself, how come they miss this news which is in a DC court in their own backyard.

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic
in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
May 11, 2017


1. VOA Case
in a DC Court

2. Why Setareh Derakhshesh was a bad Choice for a VOA Director
چرا ستاره درخشش انتخاب بدی برای مدیریت صدای آمریکا بود

3. Voice of America



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