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Hossein Ronaghi

P.S. 10/17/22: Hossein Ronaghi; a Prisoner Under Torture in Bastille of Evin

P.S. 10/16/22: To US Secretary Blinken: NIAC Needs to be Dissolved and its Leadership Investigated by FBI

P.S. 10/16/22: PS: To FBI: NIAC Lobbying in U.S. and Intimidation of Hossein Ronaghi in Iran

P.S. 10/07/22:  Attention! Attention! Dear Friends, Just posted this link * which is in English about Iran's Mandela Hossein Ronaghi's conditions in jail and it was blocked by Facebook. SG 

P.S. 09/23/22: For latest updates about Mr. Hossein Ronaghi's arrest please check the links in his Mentioned page. SG

P.S. 09/22/22: Ali Azami: Fortunately he has not been arrested ...

P.S. 09/22/22: SAM GHANDCHI: Hossein Ronaghi, Iran's Nelson Mandela Arrested

P.S. 06/28/22: FYI: Facebook blocked Address of Mr. Hossein Ronaghi's Blog  (

P.S. 06/25/22: TV interview with Ahmad Ronaghi, father of Hossein Ronaghi who also refers to IRI agents harassing the business of his other son, Hassan.

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Dear Freedom-Lovers


In the last few days, security forces of Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) have broken their own records by executing Firuz Musalu and continuing 'double down' by suppressing Iranian Civil Rights Movement Leader, Mr. Hossein Ronaghi! Please watch this video of two days ago, when IRI security forces have entered Mr. Ronaghi's house without a warrant and beaten up Mr. Ronaghi's father and arrested his mom, and last night entered his father's bakery and stole the recorder of security cameras from his business! All IRI attacks on Mr. Hossein Ronaghi were escalated when he started challenging the so-called Iranian Reformists including those based in the U.S.! The so-called Islamist Reformists, talk a lot about non-violence but they have a reformist faction of IRI security *, and their agents attack supporters of human rights and secular democracy at will! Although I have stopped publishing because of increased pain due to cancer, but could not keep silent in face of this grave situation and witnessing a threat to Mr. Hossein Ronaghi who previously lost a kidney in jail! Mr. Hossein Ronaghi and his respectable family are enduring all this harassment because of defending freedom in Iran! You can read my last week article entitled 'JCPOA & Opposition: 7 Years Ago vs Today' for the background of the role of Iran's Islamic Reformists and Russia's Putin in this current escalation of human rights suppression in Iran by 'Slaves of the Islamist God!' At the same time, please also support Ms. Masih Alinejad, Nominee for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights who has been the voice of Iran's freedom fighters abroad!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
June 24,


























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