Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Hossein Ronaghi; a Prisoner Under Torture in Bastille of Evin
Sam Ghandchi

حسین رونقی؛ زندانی زیر شکنجه در باستیل اوین

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Hard to find anyone active during these days of Iran's 21C Revolution, who has not heard the name of Iran's Mandela Hossein Ronaghi and now again has been imprisoned for nearly a month and yesterday there was the news that Hossein Ronaghi has been throwing up blood in jail because of hunger strike! Many years ago, Hossein Ronaghi was also a political prisoner and lost a kidney in jail, and again in March of this year, meaning 8 months before the current height of revolutionary tide started on September 15th this year after the state murder of #MahsaAmini, when Hossein and his family were arrested, and at that time in an article entitled 'Hossein Ronaghi and a note about the Nov 2018 in memory of Bastille,' I wrote in details about how the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) has treated Hossein and his family! In fact some IRI spies who are known as NIAC Lobbyists, because of Hossein's opposition to their false propaganda abroad presenting IRI as a normal regime, framed Mr. Hossein Ronaghi! It is amazing that in these days of Iranian Revolution a credible newspaper such as Washington Post has become a speaker of this NIAC gang and today a crazy guy among them by the name of Reza Aslan who just a while ago on CNN was advertising eating human brain some place in Africa and was asked to leave, is supposedly now being advertised as Iranian political thinker in Washington Post to teach us about the role of Baskerville in Iran's 1905 Constitutional Revolution! It is really unbelievable how much these NIAC spies have infiltrated the US politics including Facebook! Millions of Iranians have given up to live in Iran and are scattered all over the world just to be able to live a simple normal life! What is important today is to notice the reality of Evin the Bastille of Iran that we have asked time and again from this Islamic Regime of Jail and Torture to shut down and free the political prisoners when many of them were tortured and died there all these years! Having political prisoner especially in the 21st Century is meaningless and nobody should be imprisoned for their thoughts and speech and explaining this fact again and again to those who have tried in the last 43 years to return Iran to 1400 years ago, is useless and as I discussed in November 2019 'Let's Remember the Bastille Day, either the Regime will Free the Political Prisoners and or ...'! Last night there was a dreadful fire in Evin Prison in Iran and Islamic Regime instead of freeing the political prisoners, put the lives of all prisoners in danger; Hossein Ronaghi is also among Evin prisoners!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi

October 17,

























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