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Sam Ghandchi

کانونهای دفاع از سکولار دموکراسی

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In the last 43 years after Iran's 1979 Revolution, various organizations to defend the human rights of Iranian people have been formed inside and outside of Iran (including 'Defenders of Human Rights Center' in 2002 with the leadership of Ms. Shirin Ebadi) and all these years they have provided many services to the freedom movement of Iranian people and continue to do so. Fifteen years ago in 2007, this author wrote an article entitled 'Secularism will shape the future of Iran,' where I showed that contrary to the experience of Eastern European Bloc, for Iran and other countries under the rule of Islamists, 'secularism' is the fulcrum! Less than a year ago, when we witnessed the catastrophe of return of Taliban to power in Afghanistan, this author discussed in an article in Persian about the same error of activists in Afghanistan for 20 years! The reality is that with the formation of centers of IslamicKKK power in different parts of the world, 'centers to defend secular democracy' are needed, the same way centers to defend human rights with various tasks exist, from Amnesty International in the world, to various human rights organizations among the Iranians.


Even in the United Nations, there are various organs to defend human rights whereas there are no organs to defend secular democracy and activity to create such organs within the United Nations is also necessary. In fact, the Western world for almost 500 years has been away from the experience of fighting for secularism and does not have a correct understanding of Islamism. In Islamist regime of Iran (IRI), Taliban's Afghanistan, and former Daesh Regime in Mosul of Iraq, the problem basically is not doing things extra-judiciary, their law is Koran and this is why they cut hands and do Qesas and Stoning and throw Homosexuals from a rock! Similar experience in the West was when Catholic Church burned Giordano Bruno live at the stakes in 1600 and you can read the description of Vatican at that time in a short quote in my linked article which I am quoting below, and see the problem at that time in the West about such catastrophe was not the Church not acting within the law which is the focus of attention of human rights groups of the West today, rather the problem was the Medieval laws which nobody called them 'laws', when law is a modern concept, whereas in Mediaeval regimes, the criteria for justice was Divine Rules, exactly what Islamists today in Iran and Middle East and elsewhere in the world follow, namely *shari'at*! And here is the description of Vatican when Giordano Bruno was burned to death at the stakes:


"For Holy Year 1600 more than three million persons were crowded into Rome.  There were parades of pilgrims, processions of flagellants. The city was in turmoil, as robberies and murders multiplied.,  The number 1600, composed of a nine and seven, had magical meaning: perhaps it signified that the end was near.  Prophets prophesized. In the meantime, the penitents who expected to amass the necessary absolutions from sin before it was too late were fleeced by the noble Romans.  One of the minor attractions of February 17 was announced in fly sheets.  The Nolan [Giordano Bruno], a most stubborn heretic, was being burned in the Piazza Santa Fiore.  A witness was a German converted to the Catholic faith, a scholar who never missed a major theological contest, Gaspar Schopp.  He hovered over the final days of Bruno, vulture-like, picking up his last words and spreading them about.  To him we owe the report of Bruno's defiance of his judges in Santa Maria sopra Minerva: "I daresay you are more afraid to hand down the sentence against me than I am to receive it." And after the burning, Schopp dispatched a gloating account to the rector of the University of Altdorf: "Thus he perished wretchedly by roasting, and he can go tell in those fantastic worlds he dreamed up how in this world impious blasphemers are dealt with in Rome." Schopp would reappear in Campanella's cells a decade later and dish out promises to work for his deliverance, while plagiarizing the manuscripts he could get hold of". [Frank R. Manuel and Fritzie P. Manuel, Utopian Thought in the Western World, 1979, P. 241]


Creating «centers to defend secular democracy» is especially needed to confront the Mediaeval reality of regimes, organizations, and various groups of Islamists, that for half a century, are trying to revive such a society described above and want to force on the people everywhere in the world, and in reality one small example of activities described above and I called 'Centers to Defend Secular Democracy (CSDC)', is the organization of 'Iranian Secular Democratic Movement,' Mehestan, and Iranian Secular Democratic Party that have been formed by Dr. Esmail Nooriala. I hope the efforts of friends like Ms. Masih Alinejad whose human rights activity is with this kind of understanding, to receive more support by Iranians and the international community.



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

June 17,
















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