Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Iranian Left: Tudeh Party Doctrine, Guerilla Warfare Doctrine, and Today
Sam Ghandchi

چپ ایران: مشی حزب توده، مشی چریکی، و امروز

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Iranian Left: Tudeh Party Doctrine, Guerilla Warfare Doctrine, and Today



1. Iranian Left at the time of Tudeh Party basically avoided to take power whereas for example in the U.S., always when both Republican Party or Democrats are not in power, their endeavors are to take power and consider such effort the duty of a party. Even the reformist socialist and communist parties of Europe also consider the goal of their activities to be taking power. Of course, any political force may make a compromise and take partial power but avoiding taking power is in contradiction to the nature of any political party! Eighteen years ago, I explained in details about this issue in an article entitled 'Tudehii Thinking, the Barrier of Iranian Opposition' and also the pseudo-modesty of Islamic Reformists is not much different from Tudeh Party's doctrine! This doctrine of Tudeh Party was responsible for the defeat of democracy in the years of 1941-1953 in Iran when Tudeh Party was the most important political party not only in those years but in all of Iran's history!


2. After 'Mohammad Reza Shah's White Revolution' and the defeat of regressive uprising of 15th of khordad (June 6, 1963) led by Ayatollah Khomeni, the majority of Iran's Left, with the inspiration of Latin American communists, chose the 'Guerilla Warfare Doctrine'. Fourteen years ago, I explained in details about the 'Guerilla Warfare Doctrine' in an article entitled 'Clarifying the Position of Iran's Opposition about Terrorism' and there is no need to repeat what I wrote but unfortunately that article of mine has not been translated to English and readers who do not know Persian need to use the google translate. Today among the guerilla warfare groups of Iran's Left, only 'Ashraf Dehghani's Group' is still active which is a small remainder of the organization of cherikhaaye fadaei khalgh of the past! Majority of cherikhaaye fadaei khalgh in the last 40 years, basically followed the Tudeh Party Doctrine and in 1982 they cooperated with IRGC and suppressed Sarbedaran-e Amol, and about the position of editorial board of publications like Akhbare Rooz which basically is the reflection of current positions of majority of cherikhaaye fadaei khalgh, I have explained enough in an article 17 years ago and there is no need to repeat.


3. The essential problem of Iran's Left today is not particular to Iran's Left and it is the worldwide strategy of the left, which is retrogressive. Leftist friends continuously refer to Marx and Marxism and despite having replied to those discussions, but unfortunately they do not take the time to read the new discussions and the leftists spend their time with ideas that are 180 years old! The point is that the strategy of progressive movements has distanced itself miles away from the leftist views and this has been discussed in details in the book entitled 'Futurist: Humanity's Nowruz in 21st Century; New Variant to Meet Human Needs' which is the basic strategy discussion of progressive secular democracy for our present era!



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
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