Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Futurism: Why All Talk of Marx and Marxism after 180 Years
Sam Ghandchi

آینده نگری: چرا اینهمه بحث مارکس و مارکسیسم بعد از 180 سال

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Two years ago the reason for 'Why a Marx Comeback,' was discussed, but reality of the issue of social justice in the post-industrial society is not the cause, rather the belief that socialism is synonymous with social justice is the *cause* of it, which is what people like Bernie Sanders want us to believe, and that is not all as will be shown in this short note. To an English reader all these discussions of Marx and Marxism as a living system today may seem very strange because Marx lived about 200 years ago and in comparison to liberals like John Locke where countries based on his thought are thriving states in the world, the opposite is true of Communism which pretty much failed in its promises in Soviet Union, Easter Bloc, China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, many African states and elsewhere which is about half of the world. In a way, Marxism is like Islam in Iran and the Middle East, that after 1400 years, it has been a thriving ideology in the last half Century and there is the need to address it even in 21st Century. I have written a lot more critique of Marxism in Persian than in English, as it is more needed in Persian-speaking intellectual circles. It may seem strange but major Persian language international news sites like BBC right now are publishing about Marx preparing themselves for his birthday anniversary! Even the Futurists inside Iran promote a lot of Marxist and socialist ideas as Futurism.  Actually in early days of Modern Futurism, it was still somewhat the same way in the U.S. and this is why Alvin Toffler wrote a very short book entitled 'Previews and Premises,' which is like a dialogue of a Futurist with a Marxist. Similarly it is true that Sir Thomas More lived 500 years ago but I still saw the need to write a detailed critique of Thomas More's ideas 13 years ago in an article published only in Persian entitled 'What is Futurism?' Also John Locke lived about 350 years ago and I have frequently written about liberalism, Jock Locke and American Revolution of 250 years ago. For Iranian futurists, socialism and liberalism are still the main focus, and even in the US we have seen a resurgence of socialism where a lot of people in the US Democratic Party consider socialism as synonymous with social justice, as seen in the campaign of Bernie Sanders in the US Democratic Party Primary this year, where the Futurists were pretty much absent since there is no Futurist Party in the United States, although futurists are active in the Democratic and Republican parties. And more importantly, in the case of Iran and Iranian Futurists, unfortunately most who consider themselves Futurists inside Iran still are more socialist than futurist, who also support Islamic reformists when it comes to politics, and surely the Islamist dictatorship in the country has a lot to do with their political decision, but whatever the reason, this is the current reality of futurism inside Iran.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 22, 2020


















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