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I wrote this article before my last published article two days ago but wanted to wait publishing it till announcement of results of Republican Iowa Primary Election! Yesterday I republished 'Stopping all Publishing till Further Notice,' because I am again in pain due to my cancer and need to focus on my treatments! But today I thought to publish this note before getting busy again with my medical problems!


My views expressed in my paper 'A Futurist Viewpoint' are called 'globalist' by some friends whom I respect a lot! I do not mind to be called 'Globalist' or 'Renaissance Man' or  'Cosmopolitan' or even 'Internationalist' although some of these expressions are strongly associated with ideologies that I do not adhere to, such as Internationalism which is associated with Marxism! The reality is that what I have said in my paper is simply that political concepts such as 'nation-state' which we have inherited from times of Machiavelli and Garibaldi are useless today and 'nations' just like 'families' are losing their significance as a political entity, although still countries and the UN in the world are defined by nation-states and will be so for a long time just like entities like the sheikdoms of Persian Gulf are still defined by political families such as the 'Saudis' but basically days of families defining political entities is long gone, nonetheless, love of one's family or tribe or ethnicity still exists and will continue to exist although it will not mean family, nation, etc as political entities like states, and to kill or be killed for a nation! But I emphasize that I certainly condemn any attempts to break up existing countries with the excuse of nation-states to be obsolete, which is misusing this theoretical point about the future of human life by a twisted mind pushing us to a civil war, and anybody with a common sense will understand the point!


I have clearly said in a recent note to President Biden that although I am a US Citizen and a dual citizen, but because I write a lot about Iran, I have decided to be non-partisan in US politics, nonetheless I need to mention something about US politics in this note to clarify my discussion. All this talk about 'globalist' vs 'nationalist' have increased since the rise of President Donald Trump in US politics! I have never called myself a "globalist" although I consider 'nationalism' as a thing of the past, whether it is the nationalism of a certain ethnic group in Iran such as the Kurds about whom I have even written a book or nationalism of a country like Iran which is advocated by some opponents of the religious state in Iran or ultra-nationalism of a big country advocated by President Trump. Do I think such expressions of opinion should be suppressed by intelligence agencies of any country including Iran, USA and others? No, then what is the difference with dictatorship of former and current Communist countries! I am glad that President Trump in this election is free to speak his mind and I speak my mind about my opinion too although I do *not* want to talk about US Politics and want to remain **non-Partisan** but I have every right to speak my mind about my world outlook which I have expressed in my paper entitled 'A Futurist Viewpoint' in 1989, i.e. 35 years ago! You want to call me a 'Globalist,' go-ahead, but I call my views 'Realist' and I am non-Partisan in US Politics! Let us all support Freedom and not become something like the Communist Bloc which finally fell apart in 1989 and still does not get the point that you cannot change real world developments by suppression using intelligence agencies, a lesson Islamic Republic of Iran should learn too to avoid a destiny like the Soviet Union!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
January 22, 20

























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