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Sam Ghandchi

آپدیت در مورد وضعیت سرطان این نگارنده

PS 08/19/23: I just received my latest PSA results of yesterday. It was 0.055 on August 18th. My previous PSA three months ago was 0.038. So apparently in the last 3 months my PSA has not doubled which is good news. Maybe stopping to take multivitamins has slowed down the doubling-up-every-three-month trend, which I observed for 9 months! I keep my current diet avoiding multivitamins and will see what happens in another 3 months! The PSA increase of the last 3 months is still bad news; but, the slow-down of the increase is good news! We will see! SG

PS 08/11/23: Loss of Y Chromosome in Men Makes Bladder Cancer More Aggressive

PS 07/31/23: The problem for people like me is about how to stop cancer from metastasizing!

PS 07/23/23: I talked to my Oncologist 10 days ago. He said my cancer is coming back but said the side-effects of PSMA PET Scan are worse than how I feel now and he will wait for PSA to reach 1, 2, or 5 before making that decision. In the last 9 months, my PSA doubled every 3 months and it was .038 on May 11th. My next measurement will be on Aug 18th and will see how it goes. SG

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Dear Friends,

My UTI-like pain went away after I drank a lot of water and did cystoscopy last month but my urinary incontinence continues which is not a big deal. My PSA stayed at less than 0.01 undetectable which was great ever since I did radiation/hormonal therapy two years ago when my prostate cancer had returned 2
years after my robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy of January 2019; but, in the last 6 months, again, my PSA has doubled up every three months! The value is not at a dangerous level yet (it is now at 0.04) but if the doubling-every-three-month-trend continues, it can become very dangerous. I check PSA every three months as I always do.

For now I have stopped taking multivitamins again, like I did when I started radiation therapy 2 years ago, to eliminate from my system, the antioxidants originating from multivitamins, so that cancer cells do not get repaired by those types of antioxidants, which seems like they protect cancer cells from being destroyed by the immune system, in contrast to antioxidants in natural foods like meats and vegetables, that apparently function differently in human body (my assumption about antioxidants in multivitamins may be right or wrong but this is the basis of my strategy to deal with my cancer)!

Hopefully this strategy will help to slow down my PSA rise, I do not know, but this is what I have decided to do and we'll see the result, and of course I will have to make up for any vitamin/mineral deficiencies by taking individual vitamins/minerals and by simply food! If despite all these steps, my PSA again reaches 0.1 and rises above 0.1 like it did three years ago (although at that time the cancer had not metastasized and was localized in the pelvis area, whereas this time perhaps I will have to deal with metastasized prostate cancer possibly in the bones, lymph nodes, feet), and maybe then will need to use super-hormonal therapy or other procedures, I do not know! At this time, stopping the intake of multivitamins has already made me very weak but this is the strategy I have chosen:) We'll see how things will progress!
I am sorry that I still do not know when I can become active again on the Internet! Wishing everyone the best!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
June 1, 2023

























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