Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Sam Ghandchi: Stopping all Publishing till Further Notice
Sam Ghandchi

سام قندچی: توقف همه ی کارهای انتشاراتی تا اطلاع بعدی

P.S. 01/29/24: Dear Friends, As I informed you a few days ago, my pain has increased again and I need to take care of my cancer. With the best wishes for all. SG

P.S. 06/01/23: Update About My Cancer Situation

P.S. 06/08/23: Soon will do PSMA PET Scan

P.S. 02/13/23: Ditto

P.S. 01/27/23: Ditto

P.S. 01/22/23: Ditto

P.S. 12/27/22: Sorry friends I am not feeling well again! Wishing success for Iran21cRevolution and the best to you all in the coming New World Year of 2023. SG

P.S. 12/16/22: I should also note that although because of my current conditions, I am not able to be active on social networks at this time, but from time to time I will publish articles on my personal website. Also from time to time my articles are published on ISDM and iransecularism websites at the discretion of editors of those publications for which I am grateful to Dr. Esmail Nooriala and their editorial boards. Respectfully, Sam


P.S. 12/14/22: Dear Friends,  I had a visit with my doctor today and regrettably need to take care of the same issues I have been struggling with especially in the last four years, immediately, and again will have to stop all my publishing work for now. Wishing you all the best. SG

P.S. 10/03/22: Ditto

P.S. 09/12/22: Regrettably I need to work on my illness and financial issues now. SG

P.S. 08/27/22: As announced two days ago, I have again stopped all publishing work and the reason is basically due to my health and financial situation. My publishing work over the years has entailed a lot of things including what I have published from various sources in the sites and social networks that I published using the name Iranscope, and secondly I published my own writings in my personal website! I will not be able to continue the former work till my health and financial situation changes for the better, but will post my own writings on my ghandchi-dot-com site from time to time, and as always, anybody is free to republish my writings without notifying me as long as they do not change anything in the text and give a link to the original source. The only exception being Dr. Esmail Nooriala, who additionally for years, has also had and will have the permission to edit and publish any of my edited works without notifying me. SG

P.S. 08/25/22: Ditto

P.S. 06/04/22: Unfortunately Cannot Continue Publishing at This Time

P.S. 01/18/22: Due to some personal reasons including medical treatments and co-pays, I will not be active on the Internet till further notice. With best wishes for all. SG

P.S. 06/21/21: Tribulations and Longings

P.S. 06/15/21: Because of reasons as before and with the best wishes for all! SG

P.S. 05/23/21: Because of reasons as before including illness! SG

P.S. 03/02/21: Same situation as before! SG

P.S. 10/23/20: Announcement: Dear Friends, Because of Internet problems at the place I live, I cannot publish anything till further notice. SG

P.S. 10/1/20: Because of personal situation, my access to the Internet is very limited and with very low speed and am not able to watch many videos or read many writings. SG

P.S. 9/17/20: Unfortunately because of personal situation, I need to stop all my publishing activity again. SG

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Dear Friends,


Today is August 31, 2020, and I am stopping all my publishing activity till further notice. All the best!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

August 31, 2020
















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