Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Saddam, Putin, and the Anti-war Movement
Sam Ghandchi

صدام، پوتین، و جنبش ضد جنگ




What we have seen at the global level in the last two years regarding 'Putin' and the war in 'Ukraine,' 8 days ago, Europe showed a decisive reaction to it at the Munich Security Conference; a reaction that was the opposite of Chamberlain's appeasement toward Hitler before the start of World War II! And all this is also a reminder of the days when after the Middle East was taken hostage by Saddam Hussein, the international community finally took a serious reaction! This writer really has nothing more to say in this regard than what I put forth before the attack of the United States and its allies on Iraq, at that time, in an article titled 'A World Vision from City of Heretics,' and I only hope that the anti-war movement today does not repeat the mistake they made at that time when they supported Saddam Hussein in many parts of the world; and this word, neither then nor today, does not mean warmongering, and this writer both then and now, supported and still supports the 'Beyond War' point of view; and I hope that the futuristic organization 'World Liberty Congress,' which was recently formed by the efforts of Ms. Masih Alinjad and with the cooperation of Mr. Garry Kasparov and a number of pro-democracy activists in the world, can act today in the anti-war movement in the world, with a Beyond War perspective!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
February 25, 2024

























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