Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Dear President Biden, About Iran and Israel
Sam Ghandchi

پرزیدنت بایدن عزیز، درباره ی ایران و اسراییل


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Dear President Biden,


I did not vote for you in the last election! The reason was not personal and had nothing to do with Democrats either. In fact, this author moved to the U.S. 54 years ago in 1969 and ever since I became a US Citizen voted for the Democratic Party although I am not registered with either party and actually voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016! The reason I did not vote for you in the last election is that finally I decided to be non-partisan in the U.S. politics because I am so much concerned about Iran politics and write a lot about it. This was the only reason I did not participate in the 2020 presidential election!


Now I wish to say something to you about how you handled Putin Russia's Attack on Ukraine and the issue at hand about Iran and Israel! As far as the Ukraine, I supported Ukraine from day one and I believe you handled that war perfectly because it could have easily escalated to World War III. My opinion about the current situation in that war is different and I have addressed President Zelensky asking him to try to sign peace ASAP with Russia and not to continue that war but that is not the issue I would like to discuss with you here. I have written my thoughts about Iran-Israel Conflict 16 years ago and still have the same opinion. I believe at this time of grave situation in the Middle East following the most savage atrocity by Hamas against Israeli people just a few weeks ago and its aftermath of the bloodshed from both sides, the issue of Iran-Israel Peace needs to be on the top order of the day for all international forces! As far as the Israeli-Palestinian issue is concerned again my opinion is clear that it is finally their own decision! But with regards to Iran and Israel, I believe the United States can play a role to help the peace process between the two countries. Iran has a very strong Civil Rights Movement and those participating in it not only have no animosity towards Israel but actually highly support permanent peace between the two countries! Recently I made two suggestions in this regard! The first one was to republish my proposal to form a UN Committee headed by Nobel Laureate Ms. Shirin Ebadi to review Iran sanctions which I wrote 10 years ago! Also have made a suggestion to Iran's Nelson Mandela Mr. Hossein Ronaghi with regards to Iran/Israel Peace Initiative! I have not consulted with either one of them and do not know what their reaction is and have just posted my suggestions on the Internet. I believe if the U.S., Israel and Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) support such proposals, a war between Iran and Israel can be avoided!


All the Best,


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
October 26, 2023

























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