Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Jamal Khashoggi: Islamism vs Secularism in Saudi Arabia
Sam Ghandchi

جمال خاشقجی: اسلامگرایی در برابر سکولاریسم در عربستان سعودی



Today, Dr. X published an article entitled "Jamal Khashoggi’s Death, Ends Justifies the Means" (1).  I agree with Dr. X that there are similarities between Bin Salman and Reza Shah (2), although I oppose "End Justifying the Means," in both cases, and have clearly written about it 24 years ago (3).  But I believe Dr. X's article contains facts that are missing in various reports on the topic written by the Islamists and their leftist supporters, including most reports coming from Turkish government sources, and from the Islamic regime of Iran. As noted before, there are "Islamists Using Khashoggi's Tragedy to End US Support for Secularism in Middle East" (4). The reality is that there is a competition at the top in Saudi Arabia between those who want to continue the same old Islamist path and those who see the need for secularism in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, nonetheless, unfortunately they are both dictatorial and not democratic. The same has been true about the current Islamic regime in Iran and the past secular Pahlavi regime of Iran. This is why I have called for "Hague Court for Khashoggi and Hakki's Murders" (5) because in the Middle East, not only it is necessary that we end Islamism, but secularism is not enough by itself and we need *secular democracy* (6).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

November 23, 2018



1. Dr.X: Jamal Khashoggi’s Death, Ends Justifies the Means!


2. A Lesson to be Learned from Khashoggi's Heinous Murder
درسی که از قتل جانگداز خاشقجي می توان آموخت


3. End Justfiying the Means 
هدف وسیله را توجیه نمیکند


4. Islamists Using Khashoggi's Tragedy to End US Support for Secularism in Middle East
بهره جوییِ اسلامگرایان از تراژدی خاشقجی برای پایان دادن به حمایت آمریکا از سکولاریسم در خاورمیانه


5. Hague Court for Khashoggi and Hakki's Murders
دادگاه لاهه برای قتل جمال خاشقجی و فرشید هکی


6. Secular Democracy

سکولار دموکراسی













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