Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Islamists Using Khashoggi's Tragedy to End US Support for Secularism in Middle East
Sam Ghandchi
بهره جوییِ اسلامگرایان از تراژدی خاشقجی برای پایان دادن به حمایت آمریکا از سکولاریسم در خاورمیانه




Khashoggi's tragedy was not because of US supporting Bin Salman's secularism but it was because of lack of democracy in Saudi. We saw the same situation in the era of Reza Shah in Iran (1). Islamists used the opposition to dictatorship of Reza Shah to end UK support of secularism in Iran and finally succeeded. US policy in Saudi and the Middle East in the last half century has been supporting Islamism (2). United States needs to be careful that in rejecting Bin Salman, not to throw away the support for secularism in Saudi and Middle East (3). In fact, this tragedy should show the US, that what is needed is a secular-democracy just like what we have had for 243 years in the United States, and not despotic secularism. Secularism without democracy is a prescription for failure, but certainly going back to supporting of Islamism in the Middle East would be the worst disaster in seeking accountability for Khashoggi's tragedy (4).

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

October 21, 2018





1. A Lesson to be Learned from Khashoggi's Heinous Murder
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