Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي A Lesson to be Learned from Khashoggi's Heinous Murder
Sam Ghandchi
درسی که از قتل جانگداز خاشقجي می توان آموخت




The horrible murder of Jamal Khashoggi is on top of the news. It is true that some so-called "free journalists" (1) are using this occasion to whitewash the atrocities of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), but some Iranian genuine activists from inside Iran, while discussing this murder have risked their own lives by revealing IRI's similar atrocities (2). And such atrocities such as the murder of Sattar Beheshti under torture (3), are abundant in the 40-year history of IRI (4) including cases like Seyed Jamal Hosseini and Saeed Karimian inside Turkey (5). But aside from all the current news, there is a lesson to be learned from this heartrending event. Mohammed bin Salman the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who is the prime suspect for ordering the harsh interrogation that ended in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi seems to be sincerely committed to secularism in Saudi Arabia. Iran had a similar experience at the time of Reza Shah Pahlavi who was sincerely pro-secular but as we know about Pezeshk Ahmadi's injections, Reza Shah was responsible for murder of many dissidents (6) In fact, Prince Reza Pahlavi who is committed to secularism and also talks of democracy a lot, is surrounded by former Savak agents who run his organization in the U.S. They were the reason for Iran's 1979 Revolution and have never answered about the Savak murders at the time of the Shah. They are running Mr. Pahlavi's organization in the US and have harassed journalists like myself inside the U.S. when they are not even in power and are part of opposition seemingly defending human rights (7). Now imagine if they get supported by the U.S. to become the rulers of secular Iran. The same kind of crimes were done by Communist leaders in the Soviet Union and Putin commits today. The lesson we need to learn is that secularism without real commitment to democracy in the organizations one builds and not just in words, is a prescription for atrocities that can be repeated over and over again and US should not support seculars who are not committed to democracy in deeds, and particularly secular democratic organizations in the Middle East need to be supported. Even Turkey, the most secular state in the Middle East beside Israel (8), failed to deliver democratic secularism because of the dictatorship of its past military governments and finally has now fallen into the hands of Islamist parties that dream of resurrecting the Ottoman Empire. The West should distance itself from both Islamists and dictatorial secular forces and needs to support real genuine secular democratic forces in the Middle East (9), swinging the pendulum from Islamism to dictatorial secularism and vice versa is a recipe for failure in the Middle East.

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

October 17, 2018




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