Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي A Philosophical Perspective of Iran 21c Revolution
Sam Ghandchi

پرسپکتیوی فلسفی از انقلاب 21 ایران

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What will be discussed in this article is based on the philosophical outlook which was presented two years ago in a book by this author entitled 'A Walnut under the Microscope: Science, Religion, Philosophy and Change.' Actually in that book except for two chapters where the 19th Century European Revolutions were discussed and the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the book was focused on new research in physics reported by 'Ivo van Vulpen,' one of the particle physicists who works at the Large_Hadron_Collider of CERN, and was also based on Hossein Javadi's scientific discussions about Higgs Boson which were presented long time ago. Perhaps what is written here can be considered a new chapter in the book: 'A Walnut under the Microscope!'


We can consider the first day of Iran 21c Revolution to be 5 years ago when the 'December 2017 Uprising Changed the Central Theme of Iran's Discourse' and Iranian people went to the streets of 131 cities with the slogan of 'Fundamentalist, Reformist, It's All Over' which showed Iranian people had passed the Islamic Reformists. The next major wave of 'Iran 21c Revolution' was three years ago in the November 2019 Uprising * in 125 cities when at that time the thought of 'Secular Democracy' was clearly pronounced in the words of martyrs such as the late Pouya Bakhtiari. About two months ago in September of 2022 with the state murder of Zhina #MahsaAmini * a new phase of the current national uprising of Iran 21c Revolution * has started which continues to this day.


What I would like to discuss here is perhaps best stated by one of the political leaders inside Iran when looking at the demonstrations of Iran's Balochistan, when people were shouting a slogan 'The ignoble basiji, your price is 10000 tomans' which rimes in the Balochi language as a slogan! As noted by that political personality, this slogan could neither be called a separatist slogan nor profanity!  Why this issue has a special importance? When in modern science we talked of scientific or objective analysis it was based on tests that scientists were able to perform without any change in the subject under study and I discussed this in details in the book 'A Walnut under the Microscope!' And no need to recall that Karl Popper's book entitled 'Objective Knowlege' is the best source for the meaning of objective knowledge in modern science! In fact, one of the schools of social philosophy namely Marxism of the 19th Century used this method of Modern Natural Sciences in social science, and at the end some of its leaders such as Lenin in his book 'What is to be Done,' was forced to say that the awareness of people, and of course in his view specifically the proletarian consciousness has to be brought in from outside that class, because it was discovered by socialist scientists such as Marx and Engels and not by people themselves or the workers as a class! This view to this day is present in many schools of social science in various forms and among the current day Islamists too! In contrast, if we look at views of people like 'Ivo van Vulpen,' in Physics at the present, when testing in the LCH of CERN, the thing that is under test itself is changing! In fact, it is as if in our example of Iran 21c Revolution, the movement in Blochistan is not sitting waiting for some charismatic leader to show up and invite people to separatism, or the opposite - a united Iran, but this movement itself simultaneous with the progress of Iran 21C Revolution, is gaining the consciousness which is reflected in its demands and slogans and this reality can easily be seen in Iran's *Kurdistan* and other parts of Iran in this new phase of Iran 21c Revolution! And finally it is noteworthy that recently a Persian-speaking 'MI6' leader-maker who calls everybody else in Iran's opposition as leader-makers, and considering the fact that he never made any criticism of NIAC although he was always abroad and one could not say it has been out of consideration because of travel to Iran that he took this position about NIAC all along, and after one century he still writes about the length of 'Reza Shah's Monarchy' as 26 years and considers himself informed on history, and now continuously scares everyone on the Internet about 'US leader-making' in the current revolution of Iran and keeps insulting Ms. Masih Alinejad who in her short stay outside Iran, has done more than anybody else in Iranian opposition abroad during the last 43 years, not only in her fight against Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) abroad, but also by impacting directly on the revolutionary movement inside Iran; and this gentleman's worry is not about the danger of current revolution getting defeated, and writes about Ms. Masih Alinejad as an example of leader-making and keeps word-mongering about leader-making for Tsarist Russia by Germany of WWI era when after all these years he still calls the British-inspired '1953 Coup in Iran' as a "national uprising" and supports it, when those who did the coup themselves have published all the documents and confessed they had done it, but this gentleman as Iranians say, has become a nanny caring more than mother warning us about the dangers of leader-making! For all these history discussions I would need to write more than a book in response but in reality all these cases that he mentions have thoroughly been examined by credible historians and there is no need for this author to spend time on these history topics and for those interested just checking the Wikipedia is all they need to separate facts from fiction! Actually what we see in the topic of leadership of Iran 21c Revolution just like this revolution itself, contrary to the claims of Islamic Regime and many others, has nothing to do with any foreign government and the reality of this 21st Century Revolution is not explainable by the 19th and 20th Century outlooks and the repetitive words which we have heard for a century are much ado for nothing and cannot cure any pain but to make doubt and hesitance among the revolutionaries whose goal now is correctly to make this progressive revolution Victorious!


I hope, in the future, if still living and to find the time, and my health allows it, to be able to discuss more about the discourse of "mechanism" of the relationship of people and leaders of a new kind in the 21st Century Iranian Revolution and in fact the word 'mechanism' itself is not a correct term today unless what we mean by the term 'mechanism,' which is derived from the science of Newtonian Mechanics, to be meant in the new sense of the term in 'Quantum Mechanics' of our times!



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
November 14,

























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