Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Kurzweil's Discussion of His Book 'Singularity is Nearer' and Vision of the Future
Sam Ghandchi

بحث کرزوایل درباره کتاب «سینگولاریته نزدیکتر است» و ویزیون آینده

P.S. 12/06/22: Neil deGrasse Asks Ray Kurzweil: Would you live forever if you had the choice? Kurzweil answers: I would like to live till tomorrow, and I think tomorrow I am going to like to live till the next day...Kurzweil continues to discuss escape velocity.. and deGrasse brings up that there is a next generation that doesn't see a good world we are leaving for them...



P.S. 11/25/22: Neil deGrasse Tyson Asks Ray Kurzweil: What is the Singularity?


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During the last month I have been extremely busy because of the events of new height of 'Iran 21c Revolution' and also my life conditions and only last night I was able to watch my friend Ray Kurzweil's interview of September 17, 2022 with Lex Fridman about his new book entitled 'Singularity is Nearer' which was expected to be published last month but according to a note on Amazon apparently is delayed till June 24, 2024, although the interviewer said will be out next year. I am not sure of the publication date but look forward to the publication of this sequel to Ray Kurzweil's masterpiece 'Singularity is Near' which was published a little less than 20 years ago and is now even a textbook in many universities.


Ray's new interview is really enlightening and encompasses so many areas not only with amazing scientific and technological state-of-the-art information and what we can expect from Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2029 and later by 2045 that are in line with Kurzweil's past predictions in comparison to many others, but also far-reaching ideas and it even touches on philosophical topics such as 'God' and 'Meaning-of-Life.' What I would like to focus on in this short article is about his central theme which I consider it to be the future of human species and specifically the artificial sentient beings. Ten years ago on August 11, 2012, I had a great discussion with Ray Kurzweil about 'Understanding Self-consciousness: Differentiating Humans from other Sentient Beings' and also four years ago on Sept 6, 2018, Ray noted with real factual information about the nearness of this development when he explained to me how close we are to making Sentient Beings which is quoted in my article of 4 years ago entitled 'Kurzweil's Response about the Next Step in Making of an Artificial Sentient Being.' I mean to say now the challenge is about our philosophical perspective on this historic event for humanity.


Ray even in this interview mentions that for him God and meaning of life is nothing more than love which may seem like out of place in his highly technical presentation. For me his words not only are understandable but I think this is what has been missing for us when looking at the artificial sentient beings. Mary Shelly's 1817 classic book was totally misunderstood as it is evident in the way all these Frankenstein movies were later made whereas Mary Shelly's book really had a different message as I discussed in a very short note I published 20 years ago. In my opinion, unfortunately we have thought for so long about artificial sentient beings as a competition whereas Frankenstein's creature is not complaining about why he was created but complains why everything was not well thought out in his creation in advance. In other words, we the current humans are the creators of these sentient beings and we need to look at them with love the same way we look at our children and if we view our children as competitors we cannot raise the best of children. The first and foremost ways we have extended human life has been by procreation and later by educating our children. The artificial sentient beings should be looked at as an extension of human species. I believe this is the crux of the message Ray Kurzweil was presenting in this interview where at the end he emphasizes so much on love! I should note everything I have written here are not necessarily Ray's views and it is my take of the topics he has discussed in the interview. And finally I need to acknowledge that contrary to what I thought 37 years ago in 1985, Kurzweil was right about the potential of Artificial Intelligence in *our times* to lead human species to our next step!


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