Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي This Author's Books were Published as a Mesh of Interrelated Articles
Sam Ghandchi
کتابهای صاحب این قلم بصورت «مِش» از مقالات مرتبط منتشر شده اند



This author published books in the last 40 years as a mesh of interrelated articles, and later, the introduction of web for Internet publishing, helped me with this choice. I surely am not the first author who has chosen this style in writing books, and long before the Internet Era, a prominent philosopher by the name of Donald Davidson made the same choice to publish his works as interrelated articles. I never knew Davidson personally who passed away in 2003, although knew of his works when focusing on studying analytic philosophy in 1983, and we both shared a common interest in Bertrand Russell, Alfred N. Whitehead and Willard Quine's philosophical works and actually Davidson later distanced himself from Quine and emphasized more on Analytic Philosophy. In contrast, for this author, after the paper on Pluralism and Russell's Logical Atomism, my focus in philosophy shifted from Analytic Philosophy to Popperian Methodology, Philosophy of Science, scientific outlook, as well as futurism which was considered as opposite to Popper's philosophy, although I challenged; and later my focus was more specifically on the  thinking potentials of a New Variant, that I have hardly even touched the surface and hopefully will soon publish an article on that topic. In this whole journey, I am indebted to many individuals as noted in different articles, especially to late Daniel Bell, and to Ray Kurzweil. I also owe a great deal to Dr. Esmail Nooriala for translation, editing and publishing of my works in Persian.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
July 21, 2019
















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