Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Popper, Kurzweil, Self, and Computers
Sam Ghandchi
پوپر، کرزوایل، سلف و کامپیوترها

P.S. 05/30/21: Kurzweil: Intelligent Tools, Singularity and Obstacle

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In 1977, Karl Popper published a book with his friend John C. Eccles entitled The Self and Its Brain
. The book is one of the least read works of Karl Popper. For me, it was the best explanation of Popper's 'World 3' which he had explicated five years earlier in 1972 in his book Objective Knowledge. The book, The Self and Its Brain, tries to provide scientific explanation of 'World 3,' i.e. world of abstract objects and how humans have developed a self . My intention here is not to discuss details of Popper's work which is very interesting, rather to continue on the discussion of 'New Variant' and would like to explore if there is any way for computers to develop a self. Let's think about an object of Popper's 'World 3,' Aristotle's works written over 2000 years ago. When we read his books, we connect with Aristotle's thoughts, although physically and temporally being so far away and he has long been dead. In other words, his *self* or part of it, has survived his body and mind thanks to the invention of writing. Now let's remember "Kurzweil's Response about the Next Step in Making of an Artificial Sentient Being." Humans in contrast to all species we know, have been able to use their brain to form a 'self' and we can see Popper's 'World 3' artifacts including tools, writings, art pieces through millions of years which we can interact with. Frankly this is the only difference between humans and all other intelligent animals, in other words, we have generated a self when using our brain to interact with the outside reality. Many other species also use their brain to interact with the world but have not even come close to generating a self, comparable to what Popper calls 'World 3' of human species.


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