Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Ukraine's Lesson: Need for a **Real** International Police in the World
Sam Ghandchi

درس اوکراین: نیاز به پلیس بین المللی **واقعی** در جهان

PS 04/14/22: I wrote this article more than a month ago. Since then, we have seen how Putin's Invasion of Ukraine has unfolded. I believe Western democracies and all freedom-loving people headed by the United States in close cooperation with the United Nations, need to get together and form an International Police force as discussed before with a goal of Beyond War. What if tomorrow another dictatorial power like Chinese government tries to annex a neighboring state by force, or Russia attacks a democracy like Sweden or Finland as we remember the 1940's, or an IslamicKKK force makes an attack on a democracy like we witnessed on September 11th 2001! SG

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This week, President Biden said the lesson of Ukraine's crisis for Americans is Energy Independence! What about shortage of Nickel, what about Wheat! I wrote my analysis of Putin's invasion of Ukraine on Feb 22, 2022, i.e. two days after it started! But the lesson for me, someone who is a pacifist and supports Beyond War ideas: whether at the time of Soviet Union or today! To achieve world peace, it is not enough to have a United Nations although it helps! We need a **real** International police force, the same way being against violence inside any country does not deny the need for a real police force protecting and serving people, rather *requires* it!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

March 12,















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