Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي From Saddam's Invasion of Kuwait to Putin's Invasion of Ukraine
Sam Ghandchi

از تجاوز صدام به کویت تا تجاوز پوتین به اوکراین

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When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, nobody thought that was the end of Saddam and the Mission of US Forces during Bush father's administration was Saddam's exit from Kuwait. Why in reality it was the end of Saddam! Because that was about the biggest bluff by Saddam about what he never had: Real weapons that count! Putin is in the same situation. Russia for the last 30 years has tried to market weapons that are obsolete and useless and even comparing Putin's Russia to Hitler's Germany is wrong because Hitler had advanced weapons including Nuclear bomb that no other country had at that time, but Russia for the last 30 years has tried to be a seller of useless weapons to many countries including Turkey and Iran to make money, and next to oil and gas that is a major source of revenues for Russia which tries to keep it coming, selling something that is totally obsolete and useless! Putin's new move in Ukraine will prove to the world that Russia's weapons are just useless and obsolete and Putin will lose this major source of income for good and that will be the end of Putin! I just hope China to realize the world situation and not to go into a well with Putin holding the rope, something that will only end in a total evanescence for all Putin's allies!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

February 22,















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