The crimes against humanity of supporters of Islamic Apartheid and their attacks on progress and human rights has not started with their brutal terrorist attack on World Trade Center in New York.  It has been going on for a long time and the West had heard it loud and clear the first time, with the fatwa of Ayatollah Khomeini to kill the author Salman Rushdie because of Salman Rushdie’s  ideas opposing Islam.  Islamic Apartheid has been trying to lynch Salman Rushdie for over a decade .  Even though Iranian government distanced itself from the fatwa, but the terrorists in Iran openly collected bounty money to kill Salman Rushdie. 


The Islamic Apartheid has slaughtered many of their opponents such as Shahpour Bakhtiar, in cold blood, in Paris, while basically the West stayed silent and did not want take any drastic action, risking a change in the status quo of the Middle East, where only the safe flow of oil from that region, is all that the Western states cared for.  The atrocities of another state of Islamic Apartheid, the Islamic Fundamentalist regime of Taleban in Afghanestan, has been known for a long time.  For example see the following website about their crimes against humanity:


The atrocities of Islamic Apartheid has been around long before they took power in Iran in 1979 Revolution.  The fatwa to kill Ahmad Kasravi, by the mullahs in 1950’s was the best example of their resorting to murder to silence their opponents, the opponents who called for progressive society in the Middle East.  Ahmad Kasravi, progressive author in Iran, not having much security, before Islamic Republic, was easily murdered by the Islamic Apartheid terrorists.  Elsewhere in the Middle East, the Islamic Apartheid is not particular to Iran.  The main supporter of the U.S. government in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, is a fundamentalist Islamic state, which openly discriminates against followers of other religions, such as the Jews, and justifies the stone-age Islamic punishments of beheading and stoning and discriminates against women .  In fact, many of these countries have religious authorities, who supported the murder fatwa against Salman Rushdie, but one seldom hears about it, because they are supporters of the U.S.


Regardless of what various governments do in response to the WTC bombing, I think one thing is certain that the Islamic Apartheid lost its legitimacy with the heinous atrocity of World Trade Center in New York.  Islamic fanatics cannot pretend as victims anymore.  The victim game that the Islamic Republic and its agents had played for so long, while committing the crimes against humanity, will not work anymore, to get the support of some pseudo-intellectuals in the West. Their terrors against the dissidents such as Bakhtiar and Ghasemloo in the West, cannot be written off, as actions against imperialism anymore. 


Iranian government allowing terrorists to freely collect money and plan for the murder of Salman Rushdie cannot be acceptable anymore.  When committing stoning of a porn movie star in Iran or killing Foruhars and writers for their ideas inside Iran, one would ask about what Islamic Apartheid is doing to humanity.  Yes, their gesturing of defending themselves against the imperialists, and showing themselves as victims, does not cut it anymore.   The bombing of WTC by supporters of Islamic Apartheid was equivalent to the burning of Jews in concentration camps by the Fascists, when after the publicity of their atrocities, they lost their legitimacy, and could no longer justify their murderous ideology, with the cloak of combating decadence.


Finally it is very sad that the Middle Eastern people are being attacked as Islamic fanatics in the West.  In fact, the majority of the people of Middle East, both in countries like Iran, Afghanestan, and other Middle Eastern countries, and Middle Easterners abroad, are the ones who have opposed the Islamic Apartheid more than all the Western people and states, and they have given many martyrs in their challenge of Islamic Apartheid.  Among them, dissidents like Dr. Shahpour Bakhtiar in Paris and Foruhars in Tehran.  The reality is that the real force of retrogression in the Middle East is Islamic Apartheid, whether in the form of retrogressive Islamic ideologies of Islamic fanatics in Iran, or the Islamic Fundamentalism of Taleban and Saudi Arabia, and it should be challenged by all progressive-minded people all over the world.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


Sept 21, 2001



P.S. June 10, 2002-Fatwa Killing of Ahmad Kasravi and Others by Islamic Fundamentalists


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* The above article was first posted on Jebhe BB on Sept 21, 2001


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