Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Ukraine: Leftist Anti-war Leadership is Broken
Sam Ghandchi

اوکراین: رهبری چپی ضدجنگ ورشکسته است

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We are now in the second month of Russia's Invasion of Ukrain.  I am a pacifist but see the need for a *real* international police! I have always supported Beyond War ideas although the organization by that name which started in Palo Alto of California in the days of Soviet-US Cold War and I knew some of its leaders like my friend the late Jack Li, no longer exists. At the time of US invasion of Iraq, I wrote about the views of leftist leadership of Anti-War movement, in an article entitled 'A World Vision from City of Heretics' and last year added a postscript to it, noted the correct criticism of Ms. Masih Alinejad about the views of leadership of the anti-war movement! In fact, the same leftist leadership of Anti-war movement who supported Saddam Hussein at the time of US invasion of Iraq, are not active today to condemn Putin's Invasion of Ukraine and to support a democratic Zelensky's Resistance in Ukraine, at a time that we all have to support Peace in the current situation of Ukraine and all of Europe! It is already late but the world needs to start to seriously condemn the Russian invasion and speak up for Peace in Ukraine and all of Europe in a United Voice for Beyond War! Zelensky is right saying Ukraine refuses to lose territory for the pseudo-peace proposal of the invader Putin!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

March 26,















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