sam-ghandchi A Model for Future: Neither IranCity nor WorldCity
Sam Ghandchi

مدلی برای آینده: نه ایرانشهر و نه جهانشهر

پی نوشت: توصیف سید محمد خاتمی از «شهر خدا» و «شهر زمینِ» قدیس آگوستین

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Some Iranian authors using 'historicism,' talk of 'IranCity' (iraanshahr) as their model for Iran's future, basing their proposal on some kind of understanding of Iran's history. In response to IranCity model, four years ago, I wrote an article in Persian entitled 'First Secular Democracy or First to Solve Multi-1000-year-old Problems' and I do not have anything to add to what I wrote at that time! Nonetheless, I should say that neither do I see any other existing state as a model for future, including USA, European States, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc! My suggestion as a platform for a futurist party in 21st Century when its supplemet was published in 2020 has nothing to do with reality of the state in any country in the world today! For example, when founders created the Constitution of USA, it was neither "AmericanCity" nor a "WorldCity", and no other country could be considered a model for what they wrote, nonetheless it was based on the experience and knowledge of centuries of progressive forces around the world, and it was an all-new-fresh-thinking and experience with its strengths and shortcomings, and both aspects showed themselves in the subsequent 240 years! Actually, even leaders of police states like Russia and China did not start with the intention of making a police state! This is why it is important to think very thoroughly in advance about 'After Democracy, How to Prevent Regeneration of a Tyranny in Iran,' when making proposals for Iran's future so that we do not end up in another disaster like what happened in the aftermath of the 1979 Revolution!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 30, 2021


















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