Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Should I Forgive and Forget, or Announce His Name
Sam Ghandchi

آیا باید ببخشم و فراموش کنم یا که نام او را اعلام کنم

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For 13 years I have written about an individual who ruined my life and this was not in private space and was in public space. This individual first showed up about 20 years ago with a particular pseudonym in Iranian discussion groups on the Internet in 1990's and acted as my fan and insisted that I do not criticize Iranian monarchy and be a bridge between Iranian monarchists and republicans, but when I continued my critique of monarchy, he and a gang of people using pseudonyms attacked me with all kinds of swear words on those discussion forums. Years later, particularly because a group called IPC who were previously monarchists, started supporting me, in February 2007, when I had my first interview at VOA, using selective responses of me from those forums, they created a post in a blog called sabazekuchek and using this propaganda tried to stop VOA from having interviews with me, nonetheless 8 months later VOA invited me for a second interview in Nov 2007, at that time this individual came to VOA and talked to the VOA executives and had so much power that I almost got fired and thanks to a friend who called VOA executives at that time, I did not lose my job but VOA never had any interviews with me after that time. Once I noted my friend's help in an article to thank him, but that friend stopped all his contacts with me. So apparently this individual is so powerful that all these people take distance from whatever he is involved with. As I noted before, because of all these, I was not able to get a full time position at VOA and my wife lost her hand because we did not have medical insurance. Also in 2013 during Obama's time, after JCPOA was signed, pro-Islamic Reformists took power at VOA, and my job not being a permanent position, they easily ended my contract after 8 years because they supported Iranian reformists and did not want someone with my views to be on their staff and I had no protection of a permanent job to be able to keep my job. In the last 7 years I suffered thousands of dollars of debt because of losing my VOA job and not wanting to give up journalism. And everyone can judge for themselves about my qualifications as a journalist and how unfairly I was treated by VOA because of this individual. Today I found out the real name and photo of this individual and he is one of the directors of an Iranian opposition group and I am sure once I announce his name, people can figure out what this individual's connections in the U.S. are, that made him so powerful in the eyes of VOA executives and actually with no significant background in Iranian opposition how he has become a director in that group. Should I announce his name and his position in that group or should just forgive and forget? What he did to me did not happen in private space, it was all because of his political views in public space which he wanted to force on me! I see that he did all these because he thought bridging the gap between Iranian monarchists and republicans is the key to success of Iranian opposition which may not be a wrong idea, but he tried to force it on me using the aforementioned methods causing tremendous suffering for me and my family. I do not know what I should do but I am sure that I do not believe in revenge, no matter what had happened! I remember the words of Zaniar Moradi who was advising his mother to forgive the killers of his father when he himself was to be executed in a few days for a crime he had never committed.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi


June 24, 2020
















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