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Three years ago a book was published entitled "The Last of the Hitlers" (, which was written by a British journalist by the name of David Gardner.  In that book, he reported that three sons of Hitler's nephew, who are the last known descendants of Hitler, still in 2002, lived with their mother in Long Island, New York, and had decided that they will never have any children so that the Hitler's bloodline will basically stop with them.  In fact, their father who was Hitler's nephew, not only did not have any role in Hitler's crimes, but he even had fought Hitler, nonetheless the decision of his sons is because they do not want to pass the weight of the shame to any child in the future.


On the other hand, those who were the victims of Hitler's fascism, such as Eli Wiezel (, after the World War II, have become the respectable German personalities in the world.


In "Let's Learn from The Jews", (, I wrote about the approach of us Iranians to the Savak criminals of the fascist regime of the Shah, who live freely in Europe and the U.S., and there is no need to repeat it here.


But with reading the story of the sons of the nephew of Hitler on one side, and Eli Wiesel on the other, the question that was posed to me was that why for us the Iranians, the son of the Hitler's regime previous to Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), namely Shah's son, Reza Pahlavi, not only is not ashamed of what his father and its regime has done, to change his name, but is even being promoted by some people in the West, as the symbol of the heritage of human rights and progress in Iran, when many of the victims of Shah's regime, who had fought for human rights in that regime, meaning the Eli Wiesels of Iran, when some of them even live in Europe and the U.S., not only are not discussed on the Western press as the symbols of struggle for human rights in Iran, but it is as if they owe something to Pahlavi regime.  This is not a personal issue, the issue is the fascist regime of the Shah which for 25 years created one of the most hellish oppression organizations meaning Savak to oppress its political opponents and did not stop at any kind of torture and persecution against a nation.


Just imagine if somebody came and introduced the progeny of Hitler as the heritage of Germany's blossoming and development, and in radio and TV made them the symbols of progress, and they would talk of human rights without clearly condemning the atrocities of Hitler's era, and furthermore if they had worked in official and unofficial way with the past operatives of fascism.  In reality, the sons of Hitler's nephew, although being against fascism, are noble enough not wanting to become a help to the Hitler's heritage.


In truth, why is this mistake continuing among us Iranians.  It is all because of the next fascist regime which is the Islamic Republic of Iran.  In fact, East Germany had a similar experience like Iran before its fall, and for many Hitler seemed better than the regime which replaced it, because the new regime was another fascist regime while also being dependent on the Soviet Union, which neither had the advancement and power of the Nazi Germany, nor was it a supporter of human rights.  Of course, it is obvious that suppression of democratic and secular forces during the Shah's regime, left the only force to take power in post-Shah era to be the mollahs whose mosques were left open during the Shah, when the secular associations were shut down, and thus the mosque became the center of the gathering of the opposition to the Shah about which enough has been said and written.


The reality of Iran is that the remnant of Mohammad Reza Shah, Reza Pahlavi, talks about human rights to the foreign radios and TVs, but in practice he works with the remnants of the forces of repression of Shah's time, and also he works with other forces that in secret and behind closed doors, use the same mafia methods against their political opponents. As a result, while claiming tsupport for human rights, he does not have the honesty of the sons of Hitler's nephew.  And some of the foreign forces and also some of the naive people in Iran's progressive movement, try hard to turn him into a symbol of the Iran freedom movement to end the Islamic Republic.


Iran's progressive movement has its own Eli Wiesels and they are the ones who should be introduced to the world as the symbols of the struggle of Iranian people for human rights.


Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


January30, 2005


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