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P.S. Feb 20, 2019: A video clip dated Feb 20,1939: 20,000 Americans rallied to celebrate the rise of Nazism in New York's Madison Square Garden




It has been over 60 years since the atrocities of Hitler against the humanity and still in every corner of the world one hears of the arrest of past operatives of the heinous Fascist organization who had been involved in the gas chambers of the 1940's and they are delivered to the courts of crimes against humanity.  The Jews use all their legal powers in the democratic countries to prosecute these crimes. Their goal is not retaliation or terror, but with this work, they wanted to prevent similar genocides in the future, and to show everyone that Jews take these genocidal crimes seriously. These are not personal issues.  Genocides are the type of crimes, that happen against a group of people, ethnicity, religion, or political views,  like the massacre of political prisoners by IRI in 1988 by Khomeini's order.


In fact, before Hitler's Germany, similar crimes had occured against the Jews, in other countries, for example, the pogroms against the Jews in the Tsarist Russia which is the subject of the play Fiddler on the Roof.  But the crimes of Hitler's Fascism, put the issue of human rights in front of the eyes of the whole of modern human civilization, and this issue went beyond the Jewish community, and correctly in the new atmosphere of post  World War II, the Jews in the best way informed the world about the crimes that had happened against them.  Today in most of the schools in the U.S., the book of the memoirs of Anne Frank (1) is in the main list of the books taught at the schools.


In this article, my discussion is not about the issues of the Jews and human rights in the lands that they had lived in the past and present.  My topic is Iran and how we Iranians have dealt with the issue of human rights.


The most clear violations of human rights in history of Iran, before the coming to power of the Islamic Republic, was the regime of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (MRP).  In MRP regime, after the 28-mordad coup of 1953, the torture and murder of the opponents became *systematic*, and the organization of Savak (2) was formed, which was the security organization of Shah's regime, and Evin prison was built for suppression of the political opponents.  The stats and list of the crimes of Shah's regime is documented and there is no need for me to repeat here, and all political opponents that were murdered during the Shah's era, were from the whole range of the political spectrum,  and included people from all the active political groups of the time,  from Hossein Fatemi and Khosro Golsorkhi.


What is a cause of surprise is that many of the agents of Shah's Savak, who have had their hands bloodied in the crimes against the political opponents of the time of the Shah, have been living freely in the West in the last 25 years, and the Iranians and especially Iranian political activists have not been trying to arrest and pass them to the courts of crimes against humanity in the West.  Even the famous ones like Sha'baan Jafari (known as Sha'boon Bimokh) whose job was to hit and maim the political opponents of the Shah, not only has not been prosecuted for crimes against humanity, but he has was carrying the flower bouquet of Reza Pahlavi and Farah Pahlavi to the funeral procession of Iranian singer Susan in Los Angeles.


All these are done with the justification that Islamic republic of Iran (IRI) is a criminal regime, and as if it these criminals are our allies against IRI.  There is no doubt that IRI is a criminal regime that must go.  But not to bring back Shah's regime, and again another 25 years of murder of political opponents by the new regime.


The problem of the above is that some of our political activists do not see that it is not important who is running Evin prison today, and if we had learned from the Jews and had passed the criminals of Shah's regime to courts of crimes against humanity in the democratic countries, the IRI criminals would also see their destiny, and also all those who think crime against political opponents is justified, would also see their fate, that Iranian people, like the Jews, are serious about their human rights, and more importantly, any regime that comes to power in Iran in the future, its agents would know what can happen to them.  The way any German soldier today knows that s/he cannot go to a court later and say that he committed a crime against humanity because he was following orders.


Instead, many of of the past political activists of Iranian political movement, who themselves have been the victims of the crimes of Shah's regime in the past, and know many of these Savak agents from the torture chambers of Savak and other places, today because of their unity with the monarchists, are silent about those crimes against humanity, and all these years have not tried to arrest those who committed those crimes during the Shah's regime, and have not worked to prosecute the crimes of Savak in the courts of crimes against humanity, whereas in Europe and the U.S., the same way that the Jews have used the conditions in the West to prosecute the agents of Nazi who now live in the West.


Until the time that our political activists do this, the regime that comes to power in Iran tomorrow, will torture and kill opponents and its agents will not be afraid, because they think that after the fall of their regime, nobody will deal with their crimes against humanity, but instead they think they can become the allies of the opposition of the next regime, and this situation will continue.  This is why as I have noted before in an article entitled Leaders and Agents' Atrocities (3), the agents of these criminals, attack people like me, so that the opinion among the Iranian opposition that wants prosecution of their crimes during Shah's regime, to get weakened among the human rights activists of Iran.


They think that by creating terror, censorship, and threatening of their opponents, they can show themselves as supporters of human rights today, whereas their goal is to return the Pahlavi monarchy to Iran, with the help of the U.S. and by using a part of Iranian political movement, or else if they were serious about human rights, they would not make Sha'boon Bimokh their representative, and instead would have taken him to the courts of crimes against humanity so that the likes of Allah Karam of Islamic Republic to see what they will be expecting in the future.  But really these people are underestimating the Iranian people. Finally I should note that those who would like to prevent recreating dictatorship after succeeding to establish democracy in Iran, need to learn from the Jews that after more than 80 years, still pay attention to the lessons of Holocaust (5).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 29, 2005




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5. Video Clip: Feb 20, 1939: 20,000 Americans rallied to celebrate the rise of Nazism in New York's Madison Square Garden















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