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Iranian monarchists have tens of Internet sites and forums and have the money to create a new one every day.  But the progressive forces of Iran use the free lists and forums and with a lot of painstaking efforts have a discussion forum such as the Jebhe Melli BB  ( of Iran's National Front of Washington, where a few of the Iranian thinkers of various lines of Iranian political spectrum exchange views with each other.


A few of the monarchists whom I have proved in my previous writings to be related to the organization of Reza Pahlavi come to this forum and misuse the freedom of that discussion board and create similar names to the authors of the forum, which is called being *imposter* and is a crime.  Or using various aliases, they make personal attacks on the authors of the forum to disrupt the discussions.


In the last few days, they have not stopped at the above and have done technical attacks on the noted site and have blocked the IP address of authors of that site such as my address, to prevent my right to exchanged views on that site, which is not theirs, by using Internet hacking attacks.


My question is that the monarchists have so many Internet sites and with the help of foreign state and the wealth of the Pahlavi family, why can't they see one independent site?  What is our fault that they make sites with all their money and nobody wants to visit them and people read a  home-made site.


If today that they are not in power, and even a site of Jebhe Melli ( is not tolerated by them, and treat their opponents this way and do not stop at using any tools to censor our views, what are they going to do with us tomorrow if they come to power in Iran.


I have heard that Parviz Sabeti, the infamous Savak director of Shah's time, works in the organization of Reza Pahlavi under a pseudoname.  If this be true, these actions of Savak agents is no surprise.  These people could not silence us when Savak was in power in Iran of the Shah, and in this age of the Internet, will not be able to silence us either, the same way that Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has not been able to sielnce us and they are learning new techniques to oppress us, and not to defend human rights.


I have explained enough about this issue in Let's Learn from The Jews ( ) and there is no need to repeat here and as I wrote in the past about Iranian students movement, the Tale of  Two Regimes is the dilemma of human rights in Iran.


All these years, agents of Islamic Republic of Iran threatened me and my family to death and could not stop me from speaking for human rights in Iran ( ) and today these monarchists cannot silence me like they were not able to do it before IRI as I wrote about that in the past too ( ) .


Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


January31, 2005


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