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Sam Ghandchi
آوی لوب: موجودات فرازمینی و لایت سیل به پراکسیما-بی

P.S. 07/31/21: AAAS:Project launched to look for extraterrestrial visitors to our Solar System

P.S. 01/06/21: Harvard Astronomer [Avi Loeb] Argues That Aliens Visited Us in 2017

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A few minutes ago I watched a very interesting speech of Avi Loeb, an Israeli born physicist and Harvard Professor of Science who is famous for his thoughts about Oumuamua.  This video of  Dr. Loeb's was recorded three days ago where he discusses ET, Lightsailing including the challenges of reaching Proxima Centauri B in about 20 years, i.e. the closest exoplanet to Earth in a habitable zone distance from its dwarf star. What made his speech very interesting was his accurate presentation of the field. In the past, I have discussed SETI and Seth Shostak's work on searching extraterrestrial intelligence and Gerard O'Neill's idea of space colonies, but what Avi Loeb is discussing is a more fundamental view of ET which reminds one of Copernican view of the solar system versus Ptolemaic view of the universe when the latter viewed the Earth as the center of Universe, and as Dr. Loeb puts it, the view of putting Biological life of Earth at the center of the universe is somewhat similar. Maybe our view of the universe needs to change and we should consider new models!


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