Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Seth Shostak and a Discussion about Future of SETI Institute
Sam Ghandchi
ست شوستک و بحثی درباره ی آینده انستیتو ستی

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The work of Seth Shostak (1) of SETI (2) has always been a source of hard science about extraterrestrial intelligence for me. A paper published this month by Nathalie A. Cabrol is a fresh new look at the roadmap of SETI (3).

At least since the times of Johannes Kepler, the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence has been discussed by scientists and such efforts have increased manyfold after the start of SETI over 30 years ago and with the more recent launch of Kepler Space Observatory in 2009. Nonetheless, we are increasingly focused on Earth-like planets.

Fortunately for the new roadmap of SETI, Dr. Cabrol is suggesting to go beyond anthropocentric outlook to include looking for "life as we do not know it"(3). But maybe we need to go one step further and not limit ourselves by "life" and also search for intelligent things in the universe that are not life.

Considering the above objective, we may not need to focus so much on Earth-like planets and can start searching for intelligence even in planets and moons of our own solar system that are not Earth-like. The Sun and stars could also be such targets. After all, if with time, humans become more and more non-biological beings, our first choice of dwelling may no longer be a planet with biological life.


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Sam Ghandchi
July 28, 2016


1. Seth Shostak




3. Nathalie A.Cabrol: Alien Mindscapes—A Perspective on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence


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