Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي A Note about Hawking's Beginning of Time
Sam Ghandchi
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For a longtime, we have been seeing the farthest point of the universe to be around 14 billon light years away from us. And all the talk about Big Bang and that point being the beginning of time and space, i.e. our universe! Stephen Hawking in a past phase in his "A Brief History of Time" used to say that to ask what was before that time, is like asking what is North of the North Pole because he considered that point to be the beginning of time itself.


What if the reason we have not been able to see anything beyond that point is because that point of time and space is our horizon. I mean for millennia people saw the point of horizon on Earth whenever they looked at a ship in a distance in the sea but because of their pre-Copernican view of the Earth, did not realize that the point of horizon was not the end of the "flat" Earth and no ship would fall, and their observation only meant the Earth is not flat and is a sphere.

Maybe this is somewhat a similar situation about the universe and where we are. I mean, to be able to observe the universe from a point which would have a significant change of horizon for us, we would need to travel distances that will not be possible for our space travel capabilities for a very long time or we would need to communicate with some ET that would be far enough to have a significant different point of horizon from where we are located in the universe.

If the above is true, then all the talk about beginning of time and space around 14 billion years ago may just be because of our own kind of so-called pre-Copernican view of our universe. And thus believing in multiverse would not mean that other universes would be, beyond time and space, and would simply mean that they are beyond our horizon.


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