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حسین ایبیش، ایران، عراق، آمریکا، چین و مسیح علینژاد

P.S. 04/10/20: Open Letter to Ayatollah Khamenei in Persian

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I do not know Mr. Hussein Ibish and have never been in contact with him either and just from time to time may happen to see his articles in the press. Two years ago, I responded to his article entitled 'A Financial War Can’t Stop Iran. Here’s What Can.' His new article, 'The U.S. and Iran Inch Toward Confrontation in Iraq,' describes the reality of current situation in Iraq. I wrote several times in the last two years that Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) needs to dissolve Hashd-al-Shaabi, Kataib Hezbollah and similar IRI proxies in Iraq, i.e. the adventurism that has already cost Iranian people the tragedy of Flight 752. Instead, IRI proxies are killing Iraqi protesters like Umm Abbass who do not want Shiite IslamicKKK to run their country and protesters are standing up to IRI proxies while fighting the corona virus, the same way they did not want Daesh to run their country. I just wish success for Iraqi secular democratic protesters to free themselves from all kinds of IslamicKKK in their country, Sunni or Shiite, and believe US, Europe and all freedom-loving people of the world should support them as they did when Iraqis faced Daesh in Mosul. That group of Iranian opposition abroad who instead of fighting Shiite IslamicKKK, these days have pointed their attacks on US and UK, they themselves were instrumental to bring the Islamic regime to power in Iran, and escaped 38 years ago and are afraid to return to the soup they cooked, and chose US and Europe to live, but shamelessly all these years have supported Russia, China and IRI and attack the US, biting the hand that has helped them and talk as if Iranians such as Masih Alinejad, who have been fighting IRI are the problem. IRI apologists do not say a word about new contracts allowing China to use its military inside Iran to protect its interest. If according to tudeii's who created NIAC, Ms. Alinejad does not know how to fight IRI, why you the tudeii's with all your experience, in the last 41 years, have not fought this regime and just justified the crimes of this regime with the pretense of being anti-war. In the last 41 years, day and night, the war of Iranian people has been with IRI, and you had an essential role in the creation of this Islamic regime, and you left Iran and live in the US and Europe, yet fight the US and UK and not the regime you escaped from and do not dare to go back to Iran because of IRI being in power; but instead, you bad-mouth human rights activists like Masih Alinejad abroad with nonsense comments in facebook when she is the one fighting this regime. If you know better than Ms. Alinejad how to fight IRI, go ahead, the field is open!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 9, 2020
















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