Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي War, Iranian Opposition and Our US Supporters
Sam Ghandchi

جنگ، اپوزیسیون ایران و حامیان آمریکایی ما

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For years, I have extensively discussed my view of any war involving Iran, including a possible war between Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) and Israel. I have clearly stated that I am a pacifist like Sri Aurobindo was during WWII, although for the time of WWII in history I support the anti-Fascist coalition which was formed in that era and not the pacifism of Sri Aurobindo. Also today, I support forming an international united front against both Shiite and Sunni versions of Islamic Fascism, but not through a deadly war, rather by focusing on cultural, political and ideological battle against IslamicKKK. In the Iranian opposition and among our American supporters, there are people and groups who support a US military attack on Iran although some of them openly call for it, whereas some others do not call for it but wish it to happen. Personally I am against a US attack on Iran and clearly have stated it all these years. I believe the opposition should not secretly help with any military attack on Iran while officially denying it. Regime change by the opposition does not need a US war with Iran, nonetheless all anti-war forces in the opposition should be ready for a situation when war may happen between the US and IRI, although we do not wish it to happen and will not help it to happen, but more importantly our approach to a war between US and IRI will be different from our approach to Iran-Iraq war as discussed in details long time ago in an article linked to this sentence, yet regardless of all such differences, I emphasize that personally I will remain a pacifist no matter what, as I have always been, which does not mean being *passive*, exactly the opposite, I will be *actively* against the war just as I have always been by using the model of *Beyond War* which I have discussed for more than 35 years.  I know there are forces in the Iranian opposition that have expressed taking side with the US or IRI in such a situation, and it is their prerogative! Actually during the last 4 years, one thing the US and IRI learned by giving so many casualty in Iraq, was that "In Iraq, there is no Military Solution for US and IRI," and this reality is even more true about any solution to US and IRI relations inside Iran. As a futurist I see it as my duty to discuss the issue of a possible IRI-US war very seriously, and I need to emphasize again that the main reason for such a possible war if it happens, is IRI's nuclear program. Frankly IRI's spending on ballistic missiles nowadays is as much waste of money as Saddam's spending on surface-to-air missiles were waste of money in the final days of his regime which did not add anything to Iraq's air defense power! Of course Russians do not mind to sell the junk S-400 and supposedly newer ballistic missiles to IRI as long as there are buyers in Iran!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

July 10, 2020
















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