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Sam Ghandchi

پیام من برای «سی آی ای» و اف بی آی

P.S.#2 10/17/23: During the last 44 years, daughters and sons of Iran's former Savak whose parents have been accused of crimes against humanity, while their parents were never put on trial in any US court because of those allegations, received security clearance with no problem in DC, whereas the children of other Iranians were discriminated against when applying for security clearance! This word does not mean that parents of the former because of the position they held in former Savak, are criminals, but it means they have been accused of a crime, and not due to a personal crime, but are accused of political crimes, and this lack of a fair legal action has created pressure of conscience for them too, all these years! Those like Hamid Nouri in Sweden are fortunate who went on trial in Sweden and received fair sentence which was good for them and their victims! But worse than all these, in practice, what 1953 coup of Iran, meant in Washington in the last 44 years, was the continuation discrimination against children of other Iranians; those who never tasted this discrimination, make jokes about it! SG



P.S. 10/17/23: Three years ago, SOR:My Request for Security Clearance was Disapproved! I did not know, client of the contracting company, was CIA, till I arrived at the site for the polygraph test! CIA failed me for poly b/c I told them nobody bothered me when I traveled to Iran! What I had said was totally true, I never lie at all! I may not answer to a question, if I do not wish to answer, and may even tell you in response that "it is none of your business," but I never lie! So I am sure I could not have failed the poly test! I wish John McCain was alive to stand up in the US Congress for those like me, i.e. the Iranians who have been unjustly rejected for security clearance! SG





All these years 'FBI' and 'CIA'* have had me under surveillance which cost me the loss of a few job opportunities in recent years in the Washington DC area and I endured a lot of financial loss because of their actions and now that I am dealing with cancer, my Internet interruptions being partly due to these two US security agencies, can cost me my life, because for medical needs I have not been able to use my home Internet even one day without constant interruptions of cyber attacks from within the US soil!


If I wanted without protest to allow censorship as to how much of my recent interview which is linked here, to be published, I would have lived in China or Russia! Now you can go and just like today on twitter, your 24-hour agent to block the full text of my interview, and to promote the scissored version on the Internet, and think people are stupid!


Also I have published my opinion about Israel 16 years ago and have nothing new to say and as far as the recent murderous attack of Hamas in Israel is concerned, I supported the view of 'JP' who write from the heart of Israel, and your view is your business and we are not living under the Spanish Inquisition!


If I wanted to be the servant of 'CIA' and 'FBI,' my life would not be the way it is! I know both the Islamic Republic and you, and I have been and am an independent person and only do what I find to be right; was never afraid of Savak, nor of IRI information ministry and IRGC and in both regimes accepted the danger and went to Iran, the former interrogated me and saw I do peaceful activities and I lived my life, the latter did not even interrogate me all these years and did not either bother me at all when I traveled to Iran despite the fact that they made a lot of verbal attacks on me when I was active on 'SCI' to which I also responded and they understood that they cannot force me to do anything by fear and they either have to kill me or to leave me alone!


I sacrificed all my life for my ideals, and I am not a person to be scared and hide my view! I respected Ahmad Shamloo a lot when he revealed the murder of Mohammad Masoud by Tudeh Party and specifically by Khosro Roozbeh, although he knew Khosro Roozbeh was highly revered by a part of Iranian opposition, because the error of Khosro Roozbeh was not a personal thing and was political and Ahmad Shamloo revealed that murder even though he knew Hezbe Tudeh would spit and throw hatred at him!



If you see that in my talks I am reserved, it is neither because of fear nor that I need you and not anything similar, it is simply because I like to have peaceful relations with all, despite being unpleasant and disagreeable, my life was destroyed by two regimes in Iran and the dirty work of world powers and their servants and my goal has been and is to make a new world which may not happen in my lifetime but surely if I had cared for myself this would not have been my life situation and with the family background and talents and education I had, I would not have been in my current situation! Finally! I want to throw up when I see some people!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
October 16, 2023

























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