Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي About Iran-Israel Peace, iVOL, and Cyrus Accords
Sam Ghandchi

درباره ی صلح ایران و اسراییل، ایول، و پیمان کوروش

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Yesterday I read the news of Mihanbaan Reza Pahlavi's trip to Israel.  I have never met Mihanbaan Reza Pahlavi in my life and have never had any contact with Mihanbaan either, and just like anybody else I saw the news of his visit of Israel in the press. Also I have never had any contact with the state of Israel nor with Iran's Islamic government (IRI). I am just a thinker, not a diplomat! Sixteen years ago on January 27, 2007, I clearly stated my views about 'Danger of IRI-Israel War .. and What Iranian Opposition Needs to Do'  and my views are still the same. About two years ago when Cyrus Accords were introduced in the press as a peace initiative for Iran and Israel, I supported it but again I was just following the news in the press just like anybody else. More than two years ago when iVOL was founded by my dear friend Dr. Morteza Anvari and his colleagues including iVOL's current president His Excellency Bijan Kian, I supported their iVOL initiative but I have never been on their Board of Trustees nor any other part of their organization and basically I read about iVOL news on the Internet just like anybody else can do. Although I am not a diplomat, I have supported Cyrus Accords from day one when I read about it in the press and am glad to see Mihanbaan Reza Pahlavi and iVOL and many others are supporting the Cyrus Accords to achieve peace between the two countries. Peace between Iran and Israel is good news for everyone!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
April 17, 2023

























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