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Sam Ghandchi

درباره ی نئوکانهای ایرانی

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Dear Friends,

Ten years ago I wrote an article entitled "Neocons, Daniel Bell and Iran," where I explained in details about Daniel Bell's opposition to Neocons and to the US Invasion of Iraq of 2003, the view Daniel Bell had clearly published 2 years before his death. I have always considered myself a follower of the late Daniel Bell as clearly stated in my biography a long time ago. Five years ago I published an article in Persian about the views of two individuals in Iranian diaspora, namely Dr. Abbas Milani and Dr. Saeed Ghaseminejad and explained why their views are two sides of the same coin! The views of Dr. Abbas Milani are opposed to neocons but close to NIAC and I have written extensively about
NIAC and do not need to repeat! The views of Dr. Saeed Ghaseminejad can be basically called Iranian Neocon which is close to the politics of Mr. Amir-Hossein Etemadi.
Iranian Neocons refer to themselves as "nationalists" but they are seeking invasion of Iran with the help of Israel, a strategy similar to what Ahmad Chalabi pursued with US neocons for Iraq at the time of Saddam! Long time ago, Dr. Saeed Ghaseminejad was a protégé of the late Dr. Mehrdad Mashayekhi, a prominent leftist of Iranian diaspora who generally supported Islamic reformists in his days! I am not sure when Dr. Saeed Ghaseminejad turned around to neocon views to become a prominent Iranian neocon! I would like to clearly state and emphasize what I have proposed for many years as Iran's Futurist Party has nothing to do with the views of Iranian Necons and is in total opposition to such views! Moreover, I need to repeat that I do not support any invasion of Iran, and my views have been clearly explained in many articles over the years; and I have always supported peace between Iran and Israel regardless of what government is in power in Iran or in Israel.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
August 22, 2023

























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