Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Ray Kurzweil's Deeper Mirrors and IRI Protection Bill
Sam Ghandchi

آیینه های عمیقتر ری کرزوایل و طرح صیانت رژیم اسلامی

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Eleven years ago, Ray Kurzweil and I had a discussion where Ray proposed a 'Deeper Mirrors.' At the time, I further elaborated about the background of our discussion in English and in Persian. Yesterday the parliament of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) tried to pass a measure called Iran Protection Plan, which is being discussed on twitter in Persian and in English. It seems like the plan is to fight what Ray called Deeper Mirrors at the time! Even China's Great Firewall is a similar phenomena! Perhaps crowd sourcing on the Internet helped by AI has already created the Deeper Mirrors which is causing such fear by dictatorial regimes! I do not believe Western Democracies should reciprocate by blocking actually the National 'Intranet' of those regimes! In my opinion the so-called National Internet Plans of IRI and the likes will melt down globally in the Deeper Mirrors of the Free World which is getting stronger every nano-second by the rapid progress of Quantum Computing! During Cold War era, some people thought we should curtail freedom in the West to counter Soviet Union's espionage on our technologies whereas the best antidote was the freedom in the West that continuously creates leading-edge technologies which the obsolete Soviet Union always tried to steal! And unfortunately Russia under Putin is pursuing similar failed paths of the Soviet Union!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

February 23,















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