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دکتر ایکس: آی پی سی: صدای آمریکا، سی آی اِی و غیره

PS 03/0621: Scientology/Dianetics: Trump, Sarah Palin, Dr. X and IPC

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Yesterday Dr.X of IPC published an article about VOA. My thanks to Dr.X for his kindness about me in the article and should note that I do not consider him a so-called "redneck;" his political views are close to Tea Party, and I have written my thoughts about the program of that party from the first days Tea Party was formed. Dr.X claims that VOA upper managers Steve Redisch and Setareh Derakhshesh are CIA agents. I have never made such claims and frankly it is none of my business how the US government likes to run VOA to investigate whether someone is a spy of US intelligence agencies or not; what is officially announced about them is good enough for me. In fact, Radio Farda was originally RFE/RL and that was founded by CIA which made great contributions to the freedom of Eastern Europe. Personally I was an employee of VOA as a Web Editor and if I had the same job at any other US government institutions including the CIA, it would simply be a job for me and would not mean I am a spy, since I am not interested in that job, nonetheless I would not condemn someone for accepting a spy job to help the democracies and many like the famous Julia Child during WWII saved the lives of those who fought for democracy. Actually Julia Child who was a CIA spy, worked as a cook, thus spies are not necessarily government employees and working at CIA or VOA does not make anybody a spy and is a job like any other job. Those institutions need employees to do technical jobs like being a translator, web admin or any other professional job and the same way one may work in any private company, or in any government agency such as Department of Agriculture. The issue about VOA as far as I am concerned has nothing to do with whether a manager is a spy of certain US intelligence agency, I am simply concerned about the policies VOA follows with regards to the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), and as I have noted, VOA upper management is not promoting democracy for Iran which is clearly stated as a duty for Voice of America in the VOA Charter. To avoid any misunderstanding, I should emphasize that inherent in VOA Charter is a *Secular* Democracy because democracy used in the Western context does not mean some made-up farce so-called "Islamic Democracy" invented by "Islamic Reformists" of Iran, just as Democracy in the West does not mean 'Dictatorship of the Proletariat' and the so-called "Communist Democracy" of the days of former Soviet Union or China of today.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 26, 2020
















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