Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Futurism: Corona and Future of Humanity
Sam Ghandchi

آینده نگری: کرونا و آینده ی بشریت

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The pandemic of corona virus has brought Modern Futurism to people's attention:


1. Analytic Futurism: What will very possibly happen in the future? This kind of prediction is like what John Naisbitt did in his masterpiece Megatrends. We do not have enough data to make such analysis yet but this kind of work is on-going and definitely needed.


2. Visionary Futurism: What can happen in the future? Considering Corona pandemic, Ray Kurzweil's vision of Singularity, i.e. moving beyond biological life and merger of human and machine, is not only a real trend, but is needed for humanity to survive! This is what was discussed four years ago in a book entitled 'New Variant to Meet Human Needs.'


3. Participatory Futurism: What should happen in the future? In this type of futurism, *future* finds value as it turns into the *present* and is the major focus of politicians, social activists, educators, etc. It is interesting that most futurists who seldom paid attention to politics in the last 50 years, are showing a new interest in politics.  I hope this trend continues and need to note that unfortunately we are also witnessing some reactionary views propagated by a number of environmentalists misrepresenting the reasons of this situation.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 12, 2020
















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