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آقای کری، جمهوری اسلامی ایران باید برود

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On February 15, 2004, I wrote an article supporting Mr. Kerry's bid for U.S. presidency.  I still think Mr. Kerry's economic plan is much better than president Bush's economic policies of the last four years. 


President Bush's economic policies damaged the development of post-industrial economies worldwide, and have hurt the well-being of so many people in the U.S. and abroad.  I have written my disagreements with President Bush's economic policies on several occasions, in the last four years, and I support the democratic response to Bush's economic strategy, which was best articulated in the words of UCLA Anderson's economist Edward Leamer, over a year ago, and was ignored by Bush administration.


In this article, my discussion is about foreign policy.  I have written clearly that I condemn the ultranationalist policies of the hawks in the U.S., nonetheless, I condemn the reactionary regimes like Saddam and Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).  I wrote in details, in my article entitled A Vision from City of Heretics, that I consider myself as part of the progressive movements in the world, which includes the anti-war movement of the West.


At the same time, in the same article I wrote that in my eyes, those in the anti-war movement who only condemned Western ultra nationalists,  and supported fascist regimes of undeveloped countries such as Saddam's regime and Islamic Republic of Iran, made a huge error, and they continue to make the same error with regards to IRI, because of their mindset of cultural relativism


And they try not to understand their error and they either make *personal* attacks against their opponents or call their opponents as Bush supporters, or as war supporters, the same way for years the ones who wanted to whitewash atrocities of Soviet Union, would call their opponents in the progressive movement as anti-Communist. I remember years before the fall of Soviet Union, in 1981, some of the friends of these fanatics, who today, talk a lot of not being extremists today, threatened me to death for questioning Marxism when I lived in Iran. 


Those who supported Saddam during the Iraq war, and did not condemn both sides are the war, are doing the same rhetoric as supporters of the Soviet Union in the old days, and I have already explained their error thoroughly in my A Vision from City of Heretics article, and no need to repeat it here again.


The same forces are trying to convince Mr. Kerry that whoever is for the end of Islamic Republic of Iran, is a Bush supporter, and they are advising Kerry to appease IRI.  The Iranian pro-democracy movement clearly boycotted the Islamic Republic's last parliamentary election, and people are working to organize a referendum to end this fascist retrogressive regime. 


Now more than any other time, a candidate for U.S. presidency, should be clear, to voice support of Iranian people, who want this regime to go.  Iranians do not want U.S. invasion of Iran, and we do not want the U.S. to remove the regime for us, but we want the support of Western democracies,  in our efforts to end IRI.


Mr. Bush said one thing right, and that was when in his President Bush's Speech of 2003 he admitted that U.S. had made a mistake all these years to support despotic regimes in the Middle East.  We Iranians have always noted what a grave error U.S. made in doing the CIA coup in Iran in 1953.  In other words, not wanting U.S. invasion, does not mean that we like the U.S. to appease the despotic regime of Iran.


Mr. Kerry needs to know that Iranians who support his election, are not IRI lobbyists, and we expect him to take a firm stand to support Iranian people's pro-democracy movement to end IRI, and not to hesitate to help Iranian people in our endeavors to form a secular republic, and for the full separation of state and religion in Iran.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

April 6, 2004



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