Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي US Needs to Stop Reza Pahlavi's Savak and Mend with Iran's Democratic Opposition
Sam Ghandchi
آمریکا: ضرورت متوقف کردن ساواک رضا پهلوی و ترمیم روابط با اپوزیسیون دموکراتیک

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I have written enough about Mr. Reza Pahlavi's restoration of Savak in the USA in the last 40 years both in English and in Persian, and last night explained it again in Persian with specific facts about a Savak agent of Mr. Reza Pahlavi by the pseudonym of *David* who came to VOA to get me fired because VOA had two TV interviews with me at the time about proxy services and futurism. The VOA managers of that time that are noted in my report are still alive and can be contacted by FBI under oath to verify my claims. There is no point to repeat all these facts about Mr. Reza Pahlavi's restoring of Savak in the USA to act against Iran's Democratic opposition, enough evidence has been provided


I have time and again also criticized Dr. Mossadegh about positions he took that led to 1953 CIA coup in Iran. It is time for the US and Iranian democratic opposition to make mends and a major barrier is US support of Mr. Reza Pahlavi, and Mr. Pahlavi's current US based Savak that is repeating the sad experience of Shah's regime now against Iran's democratic opposition inside the USA. US needs to end relations with Mr. Reza Pahlavi and to investigate Mr. Pahlavi's Savak activities inside the U.S. where they take advantage of their former connections with some US government agencies and officials, to undermine and discredit Iranian democratic opposition groups and individuals by means of badmouthing and similar ploys.


Once Savak was the reason for the fall of Mohammad Reza Shah, when he was in the *position*, and this time Savak is the cause of fall of Mr. Reza Pahlavi, when he is in the *opposition*. After the Great French Revolution which overthrew the Bourbon monarchy, French people gave another chance to Bourbons, but the result was the same, and again, they gave a chance to Orléans who were another branch of Bourbon family to create a parliamentary democratic monarchy, but the result was the same failure, and finally came to the conclusion that parliamentary monarchy, with the background of French monarchy, will never work for democracy in France; Iranians in our own way, have tried all these with monarchy in the last 150 years, and in reality if parliamentary monarchy worked in Iran, there would have never been a coup by Reza Khan against Ahmad Shah because no other King in Iran's history ever avoided interfering in state affairs as much as Ahmad Shah, and his government was *the* perfect parliamentary monarchy in Iran's history with Ahmad Shah as the symbolic king, nonetheless, was overthrown by Mr. Reza Pahlavi's grandfather!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
September 14, 2019
















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