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The following is a link to Dr. X's note of December 18, 2018 on the IPC Forum entitled "Why Constitutional Monarchy Will Never Work in Iran". Dr. X's note is about a discussion in Sam Ghandchi's article of three days ago, in Persian with English footnotes, entitled "If Constitutional Monarchy Worked in Iran, Reza Khan Would not Have Made a Coup to Depose Ahmad Shah from the Throne".

Dr. X: Why Constitutional Monarchy Will Never Work in Iran

By Ahreeman X » Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:57 pm
If Constitutional Monarchy Worked, then Why Reza Khan Overthrew it in 1925? If Absolutist Monarchy Worked, then Why People Overthrew it in 1979? Neither Reza Khan nor Iranian People were Stupid! They just knew that the Time for Monarchy has Passed in Iran! Do You? Did You Know Reza Shah the Great Was a Republican? The True Remedy for the Iranian Disease is: Secular, Federal, Democratic Futurist Republic. Once again, Sam Ghandchi my bright philosopher friend, had brought this issue up and quoted me on it. Once again, the Reactionary Monarchists are shouting in their megaphones about the Constitutional Monarchy Remedy for Iran. To Constitutional Monarchists: Stop sending me nonsense letters and propaganda. Start reading the true history and learn from it!  To all Iranian Youth; To all Iranian Constitutional Monarchists; To all Def, Dumb and Blind, I am a Historian and I Deal with Facts, not Emotions! Read History and Educate Yourselves: Excerpts from my Article:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story
Today's constitutional monarchists desire to create a constitutional monarchy in Iran. These people are pro Reza Pahlavi and Pahlavi Dynasty. They want to bring Pahlavi Dynasty back to power and make Reza Pahlavi a constitutional monarch! This is laughable, because Reza Shah Pahlavi was the person who overthrew the legal constitutional monarchy of Iran! If constitutional monarchy is good, then why the starter of Pahlavi Dynasty made a coup and overthrew it?  Today, these constitutional monarchists claim that Islamic Republic of Iran is an "illegal regime" and they consider the Pahlavi’s ousted monarchy the legal regime of Iran! I guess these clowns are forgetting that Pahlavi's monarchy itself is considered illegal! In 1925, the starter of the Pahlavi Dynasty had overthrown the legal constitutional monarchy of Iran; therefore, the complete reign of Pahlavi Dynasty was illegal! But then again, these clowns (today's monarchists) are all suffering from severe selective amnesia. This is a specific monarchist disease, which only monarchists suffer from it! When benefiting, they recall everything but when it is not to their benefits, they seem to forget the complete history! Monarchists are the greatest political clowns in history of Iran!

Reza Khan, a True Republican
So, in 1923, Reza Khan had overthrown the legal and democratic constitutional monarchy of Iran. Primarily he despised Monarchy and Monarchists. He also despised Mullahs and religion. His goal was to establish a secular nationalist republic in Iran. As the Prime Minister, he insisted that they stop calling him "Sardar-e Sepah"(Leader of the Army) and start calling him by his last name "Pahlavi". So instead of Reza Khan Sardar-e Sepah, he ordered all to only call him by the name Reza Pahlavi. Later on, when he was the Shah and statesman, in the courthouse were calling him Reza Shah, once again he insisted that they stop calling him Reza Shah and if they really care to respect him, then just call him Reza Khan. This man clearly and openly despised titles, Persian Flattery, Ass Kissing, Hand Kissing and specifically Monarchy and Monarchists. Reza Khan was a down to earth, modest man and a simple nationalist. All his life, he lived a simple life in a simple room named his study and he slept either in a simple single bed or on the floor. He was a military man, a revolutionary and a determined man to change the face and fundamentals of his nation. But of course, "Monarchist School of Lies" insists to portray him as a monarchist! The fact was that Reza Khan despised the institution of monarchy and considered it corrupt. Reza Khan could not stand monarchists and considered them fake and superficial. In fact, none of the great backbones of Monarchy were true monarchists! Take a look at this list:

True Nature of All Great Monarchists
Reza Khan (Reza Shah The Great) = Closet Republican
Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh = Closet Nationalist
Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar = Closet Secular Democrat
Dr. Fereydoun Farrokhzad = Closet Socialist
Daryoush Homayoun = Closet SUMKA (Nazi)

As you can see, the backbones of Monarchy, themselves were not monarchists, but out of desperation and due to the oppression of monarchists, they have blended in as monarchists so they could have made "Changes" from within the corrupt system of monarchy! These are the facts, which they do not teach you in Monarchist school of lies! They say I am on the crusade against monarchy! The truth is that I am on the crusade to get Iranians out of the Dark Ages! Monarchists at worst live in 1800s and at best live in 1978! Monarchy is dead and yesterday's news. I am all about tomorrow.

Read the complete article and True History of Iran because life is too short to stay in the dark:
Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story
How Republicans and Monarchists view the world?
Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?
Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran
Self-Educate Yourselves because Your Schools Will Not!
Dr. X

December 18, 2018

بیست و هفتم آذر ماه 1397



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